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Stylish heaters in your bathroom for the best post-shower Aura


The new Aura range features an electronic LED power indicator to provide both intuitive control and visual indications of the water temperature.Allure Essential

Having a hot shower for most people is usually an imprecise process with little more to go on than turning the knob for hot water and running the tap until the water reaches the temperature you want. The recently launched Allure and Aura storage water heaters from Electrolux takes the guesswork – and cold surprises – out of your bath water. And saves both water and energy in the process.

In keeping with its thoughtful design philosophy, Electrolux designers used consumer insights to develop this stylish new range that not only fits into any modern bathroom, they also provide  hot water on demand at a precise temperature.

Sporting a stylish and durable design, this latest range is easily integrated into the design of the bathroom and optimised for comfortable use. Said Electrolux designer Dennis Han: “Most of the current water heaters are rather over-expressive in their aesthetics. It’s important to allow a product to fit well into the environment. Considering the tight spaces that houses and bathrooms have, the design of the storage heaters are rather geometric and clean to allow them to fit into homes harmoniously, rather than an obtrusive design.”

He added, “the ‘softness’ of the pebble-like surface allows for an easier to clean surface that catches light to form highlights on the device’s surface.”

Its physical design isn’t the only harmonious feature of the Allure and Aura range. Optimised for comfort, the Aura range utilises a thermostat selector in tandem with an electronic LED power indicator to provide both intuitive control and visual indications of the water temperature. It’ll also tell you if hot water is running low. This ensures that you’ll always get your optimal bath temperature and save energy that would otherwise be wasted in the imprecise heating of water.

aura premium

allure essential

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Built using shock and corrosion-proof blue enamel, the tanks have a patented blue glass-lined heating element that purifies the water by removing and preventing calcium build up, giving you water that is both pure and healthy to wash with.

The thoughtful design philosophy Han strives for in every design stems from a constant curiosity about the world, the same one that led him to become an industrial designer: “I’ve always tried to figure out what consumers want by putting myself in their shoes, and designing products that will improve and enhance their way of life.”

After all, he’d never design something he wouldn’t use. When picking a water heater, he said: “Think about the requirements of your household as getting one with the right capacity is important. I would get the Aura 30L model for my home, where I need hot water in two bathrooms, a service yard and the kitchen.”

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