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All part of the design – choosing appliances that look good in your kitchen


Blending eastern cultural influences with Scandinavian design, the Willow range of refrigerators are designed to bring both art and function into the kitchen.Following the latest in kitchen design trends, the Ebony range is an elegant, striking kitchen, with every appliance a bold statement of design.The E:line Kitchen range gives any kitchen a luxurious, professional look with its stainless steel appliances.

Designing and remodelling a kitchen involves more than just picking the right appliances. The placement of working spaces, cabinets and appliances will affect how you cook too. Take the classic Kitchen Work Triangle, which places the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangle that makes the preparation of food more efficient and ergonomic.

As kitchens increasingly become a social hub in the home, with family members interacting and helping out, many modern kitchens are seeing designs which create multiple work centres. Such designs incorporate separate working areas or countertops for different tasks in cooking.

In working out the floor plan, the size of your kitchen appliances, especially large ones like fridges, stoves and ovens, need to be taken into account with the planned work areas. And don’t forget to work in space for cabinets.

Willow fridge

But it’s not all about utility in kitchens these days. Style is increasingly becoming an important consideration in kitchen design. Where white was once the predominant colour in most kitchens, current trends favour sleek, elegant kitchens with bold colours creating striking contrasts. In such kitchens, rather than hide appliances, kitchen appliance ranges like the Electrolux Ebony Kitchen Range lead the trend in creating a bold design statement for the home.

ebony kitchen

Featuring a diverse range of appliances, the Ebony collection includes a side-by-side refrigerator, bottom mount refrigerator, oven with touch on glass and ten functions, an induction or gas cooktop, dishwasher and even a canopy range hood. All appliances are designed to create a stylishly consistent look throughout the kitchen.

Aside from black, the professional look of stainless steel is also growing in popularity. The sleek, clean lines of a stainless steel kitchen tend to convey a sophisticated professionalism, which can be seen in designs like the Electrolux E:line collection.


If you still prefer to hide your appliances or save space with built-in ones, look for coordinated cabinet fronts that can help each appliance to blend easily into the kitchen’s overall look. Look for small-appliance depots in countertop cabinets. Side-by-side fridges like the ESE5688SA, which features a stainless steel finish, not only blend into the kitchen design, but adds an area of convenience with its ice and water dispenser built into the door.

Dishwashers are also easily concealed by panels that match your cabinetry. Elegant stainless steel dishwashers like the ESF65050X save quite a bit of time and water in any kitchen, as its efficiency means it uses up to a third less water than hand washing. It’s also extremely quiet, with an operational noise of 47 decibels, adding to its unobtrusiveness.

Just remember that trends come and go, so choose one that is not only a reflection of your lifestyle, but will also cater comfortably to how you and your family cook in the kitchen for the next few years.

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