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Romantic foods for your Valentine’s Day meal


Hummus was considered to be an aphrodisiac in ancient Egypt, although feeding your significant other pita bread dipped in hummus by hand can really help set the mood for the evening.Heart shaped ravioli can convey comfort, romanticism and your culinary skills, all in one dish.Serve up a warm lava cake with its oozing chocolate center and a scoop of ice-cream for a sinfully delicious end to a romantic meal.

The most romantic day in the calendar is upon us once again. 14 February, Valentine’s Day, is a day for couples to celebrate their love with romantic expressions.

Beginning around the 3rd century as a feast day for Saint Valentine in the Roman Catholic calendar, the day has now morphed into a celebration of romance where gifts of flowers and confectionary, declarations of love via greeting cards and romantic meals have become the norm.

But a home cooked meal can still be equally satisfying option and say “I love you” better than an expensive meal in a restaurant. On top of that, you have complete control over the menu, which allows you to use certain foods with the intoxicating flavours that could get you and your partner in the mood for romance all night long.

Here’s some food for thought this Valentine’s Day.


If you’re looking to set a warm, loving atmosphere, start with traditional comfort food like a hot bowl of soup. Mushroom soup is popular with many people, and a home-made pureed mushroom soup can add a touch of silky luxury to a common starter. If your partner prefers something a little different, try a rich seafood bisque.

For something a little more exotic, try hummus. Ancient Egyptians believed its primary ingredient, chickpeas, had aphrodisiac properties. Feed your significant other pieces of pita bread dipped in hummus to begin a romantically charged evening.


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In keeping with a Mediterranean theme, almonds and walnuts – symbols of fertility – can be served on the side along with dates, figs and prunes. Eros, known to the Romans as Cupid, was said to have dipped his arrows in prune juice for extra effect.

To aid your quest for love in a meal, use blenders like the Electrolux EBR2001 to puree ingredients for soups and dips.

Main Courses

Think seafood for the entrée and you’re on the road to an amorous night together. Oysters are the most well-known seafood aphrodisiacs, but clams, lobsters and scallops are great options as well. Try Oysters Rockefeller for a rich and traditional dish, or even a Lobster Thermidor for a more French feel. A surf and turf option with a good cut of steak is also a great alternative. No matter your choice of seafood or meat, an Electrolux Inspiro oven will grill, bake or roast your dish to perfection.

If you truly believe the way to your partner’s heart is through the stomach, perhaps this heart-shaped ravioli will do the trick. Pasta is a highly versatile food, and its associations with romantic old Italy certainly help.


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No romantic night  will be complete without the requisite chocolate dish. As an ingredient, chocolate is famous for its ability to induce feelings of love and euphoria in people. A chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows can really hit the spot and set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Lava cake

Photo credit: Wai-Leng

The chocolate lava cake is another indulgent chocolaty dessert that is popular with cocoa lovers. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to bring even more bliss to both your taste buds.

When melting chocolate for both dishes, a portable induction cooker like the ETD32D/R/W is best suited to keep this delicate ingredient at a steady, optimum temperature all night long.

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