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The hidden saboteurs of your diet

Keeping an eye on calorie consumption is usually a key factor in any weight loss regime. Keeping the calorie count down however, can be a difficult task, even for those who make soups and salads a major part of their meals.

Appliance ideas that let you cook on the go!

Like telecommunications devices and electronics, it appears the future of kitchen appliances could very well be mobile. From electric freestanding cookers to portable induction cookers, appliances are being designed for versatility in modern apartments and homes.

Local food and vegetables to rule cooking trends, say chefs and critics

Luxury dining has taken a backseat to health and local delights, according to top chefs and food critics. In a survey conducted by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, a focus on local food topped the list of trends experts thought would dominate top tier cooking in the next two years.

Bed down in cleaner, longer-lasting sheets with the right machine settings

We sleep between them every night, so when it comes to washing our bed sheets, pillows and duvets, we might as well clean them right.

Choose an ergonomic vacuum that’s right for your body

When choosing a vacuum for the home, it’s easy to focus mainly on the features and aesthetics of the appliance. While ergonomics is often used as a descriptive buzzword for a product that is designed to be comfortable, a truly ergonomic appliance goes beyond ease of use to helping its user work better.

The cyclone vacuum – more than just hot air

Creating a cyclone blowing at speeds of up to 1450km/h sounds like a supervillain’s plot in a comic book. In real life, creating a portable cyclonic chamber has been put not to destruction, but to the greater good in making household vacuuming easier and greener.

5 simple tips to living a more sustainable life

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of life that minimises the impact on the environment, and looks at creating the least amount of waste from whatever is consumed or used. Sustainable living creates a cycle that can be repeated without cumulative damage or harm to the world around us. For example, a sustainable material is one that is created or gathered in a way that doesn’t damage its environment, pollute the air or reduce the supply of resources permanently.

The quick guide to popular Food Movements

You might have come across these labels on food packaging in the supermarket: Organic, fair trade, free range, artisanal. And the list only seems to continue to grow.

Tasting the difference with professional kitchen appliances

Trying to replicate a favourite dish from a restaurant in your home kitchen can be difficult, to say the least. The crispy duck confit, the perfectly seared steak and that pillowy ravioli just seem to elude you when recreating them at home.

10 DIY Valentine’s Day ideas

Commercialisation has become part and parcel of special dates like Christmas and Valentine’s, especially when gift-giving is a tradition.