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10 DIY Valentine’s Day ideas


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Commercialisation has become part and parcel of special dates like Christmas and Valentine’s, especially when gift-giving is a tradition.

But these occasions started out as a day to celebrate and show our appreciation of loved ones with simple gestures. The time, effort and care put into a customised DIY Valentine can convey love as well, if not much better than a store-bought gift or expensive meal. Not to mention, being easier  on the wallet during these uncertain economic times. Here are some ideas to kick start your DIY Valentine’s Day brainstorm.

Setting the mood for love

It doesn’t have to take expensive decorations to get your home in the mood for Valentine’s Day.


Credits: Mcrlove667

Little details like changing your cushion covers or bedsheets and pillowcases to red, white and pink colours, hand decorated tealights or votive candles and scattered rose petals over a duvet can help set the tone.

Unless you’re married to Homer Simpson however, nobody can find love in a mess. Do take the time to clear out any messes in your home, especially areas which you might spend lots of time in during the evening, like the bedroom. Keep an Ergorapido or UltraActive handy for quick cleaning.

If you’re game to try your hand at crafts,  you could use fabric paint and stencils to paint your cushions or throw pillows with hearts or other motifs. Or if you have the time, you can create a heart shower in your home with cut-out hearts hung from the ceiling in strings.

In the sweltering heat of South East Asia, don’t forget to set the right temperature (literally) in your home. The latest Electrolux Viva Grande range of inverter air conditioners even have active plasma technology that’ll clean the air and help you set the right mood for the evening.

Make delicious romance

Instead of wining and dining your loved ones at expensive restaurants, try a homemade dinner with romantic and comforting foods. Or try this Seductively Simple Valentine’s Day Menu for two from Bon Appetit.

To bake your own heart-shaped cakes, cookies, fudge and cupcakes, check out Allrecipes’ list of Valentine’s Day recipes. The plus side of expressing your love via your oven is the ability to customise the food. You can write messages in icing or adorn cupcakes with coloured fondant hearts.

Even yummy chocolate truffles can be handmade, and this guide helps to break down the process, with suggestions for variations for those on calorie or carbohydrate-restricted diets. If you don’t have an induction stove like the Electrolux EHC30200X to help melt the chocolates, a microwave such as the EMS3067X will do.

Handmade gifts

chocolate box

Credits: Angelkeper

They may not be expensive, but handmade gifts can convey “I love you” just as well. If you’ve made your own chocolates, they can be stored in a chocolate box decorated by yourself or even in a box made of chocolate itself.

Unless you own a garden, you’ll still need to buy flowers from somewhere. Instead of expensive bouquets, you can turn flowers from the market into beautiful bouquets yourself with this guide from Real Simple.

VD Card

Credits: Pixomar

Top it all off with handmade cards. Martha Stewart’s website has a cute template for personalised pop-up cards featuring yourself and your partner.

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