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Appliance ideas that let you cook on the go!


Portable induction cookers are handy for a spot of mobile cooking around the home.The Onda Portable Microwave by Matthew SchwartzEnzo Kocak's Ribbon designSmoobo Blender by Roseanne de Bruin

Like telecommunications devices and electronics, it appears the future of kitchen appliances could very well be mobile. From electric freestanding cookers to portable induction cookers, appliances are being designed for versatility in modern apartments and homes.

There’s certainly no lack of demand for mobile cooking options from homesick travellers, who can get pretty creative in their quest for a homecooked meal. Any modern iron in a hotel room can essentially function like a hotplate for toasting, grilling and light frying, while coffeemakers can double up as pots for making instant noodles, sauces, steamed vegetables, oatmeal and soft-boiled eggs.

While some meats and salads might be best marinated and prepared beforehand, making a full meal on the go isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Bagged salads and cheeses for sandwiches can be kept in minifridges, microwaves can cook healthy meals, and they can be accompanied by condiments packed in small containers or snagged from fast food joints.

portable induction cooker

Portable induction cookers are handy for a spot of mobile cooking around the home.

Butane burners and portable induction cookers like the ETD32D/R/W are more proper traditional ways of cooking on the road, functioning like a mobile cooking hob. Investing in a thermal cooker for very long drives can also pay off in allowing braised items and porridge to be cooked during the journey and consumed hot. Car refrigerators are handy for storing any leftovers for longer journeys.

The portability of these appliances, however, are no match for what is to come, if the finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 (EDL 2011) are anything to go by. Despite the “Intelligent Mobility” theme for last year’s competition encompassing all categories of appliances, designs for cooking devices dominated the top entries list.


The Onda Portable Microwave by Matthew Schwartz

Heating solutions were most popular, with designs like the Mobile Induction Heat Plate by Finnish student Tommi Moilanen and the Onda Portable Microwave by Matthew Schwartz. The former pairs a battery-operated smart induction hotplate with a smartphone acting as a remote control, sending heating instructions to the hotplate. The Onda provides a new twist to microwaving food, with the portable device to be slid onto a compatible aluminium packaging and heating up its contents via heat from a circuit connection.


Enzo Kocak’s Ribbon design

It was Australian Enzo Kocak’s Ribbon design, however, that placed. A portable multi-purpose heater and cooler, the Ribbon can be wrapped around any vessel containing food or drink for heating or chilling. Its flexibility in a variety of situations was impressive enough to earn it a second place finish at the EDL 2011.


Smoobo Blender by Roseanne de Bruin

The third placed Smoobo Blender by New Zealander Roseanne de Bruin even adds an element of fun to the mobility of her blending device, which uses kinetic energy to power its functions. Making a smoothie is a matter of placing the ingredients in the Smoobo and bouncing it about.

And there’re more ideas to come. This year’s EDL aims to raise the bar by challenging design students to bring professional appliance performance out of restaurants and to the man in the street. For now though, your mobile restaurant may still have to include  an iron and your creativity.

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