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Big on cooking, function and design

Whether it’s a dinner for your extended family, a party for 20 or a festive reunion dinner at home, the ability to cook large meals always comes in handy.

Puree your way to healthier cooking

Looking for ways to cut down on using oil, eggs and sugar in your cooking? Look no further than the fruits and vegetables in your fridge for an all-natural substitute.

Forage for the right fromage with your wine

Man can’t live on cheese alone. Despite the variety of cheeses out there, this rich and fatty food when eaten alone can quickly overwhelm the palate.

The fine art of enjoying a cuppa

Coffee is little more than a morning stimulant for most people, but with up to 800 flavour characteristics compared to wine’s 400, a good coffee can be savoured by connoisseurs like a fine wine.

Ideas that help make dinners in 30 minutes

Between family, work and household chores, one might wonder where we’re supposed to find the time to cook full meals from scratch.

Heat Pump Dryers: Care for both your clothes and the environment

Clothes dryers have become a boon for urban dwellers with busy lives. With limited time and space to dry and hang their laundry, dryers can be essential in helping to get the moisture out of wet laundry efficiently and quickly.

Pairing it right with every meal

Those who enjoy brewed hops more than the pleasures of the vine might consider a new pairing of alcoholic beverages with their meals. After all, given the different flavours that can be found in the myriad varieties of craft beer out there, finding the right brew to go with your food might be much easier than having to choose the right wine.

The quick guide to cooking a great cut

Much like a good restaurant, one of the keys to enjoying a cut of beef is location, location, location. Depending on where it comes from the cow, the best cooking method for it will vary.

Five tips for a successful stir fry

Think “Asian cooking” and the usual image that comes to mind is that of a chef deftly manoeuvring a wok in the midst of a stir-fry. Wok frying is arguably the most frequently used cooking method in Asia, providing a large cooking area and its shape lends itself to scooping and moving ingredients around while cooking or serving.

Drink the right juices for a longer, happier life

Staying healthy does require time and effort to source and prepare healthy meals from nutritious ingredients. And in today’s world, most meals are typically made up of quick, processed, nutritionally devoid foods that do nothing for our well-being but are easy options for those with little time to spare.