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Heat Pump Dryers: Care for both your clothes and the environment


A heat pump dryer is much more energy efficient than traditional dryers, and helps your clothes last longer, too.

Clothes dryers have become a boon for urban dwellers with busy lives. With limited time and space to dry and hang their laundry, dryers can be essential in helping to get the moisture out of wet laundry efficiently and quickly.

It can however, be rather hard on one’s wallet. With the amount of heat generated and used in drying fabrics, clothes dryers can be one of the home’s most expensive appliances to operate.

A typical clothes dryer needs anywhere from 1,800 to 5,000 watts to operate and its energy use doesn’t vary much from model to model. Over an average lifespan of a decade or more, this means chalking up about 6% of the electricity usage in homes a month and over time, can add up to quite hefty electrical bills.

Conventional clothes dryers also run the risk of damaging clothes via over-drying, as high temperatures in such dryers can crack fibres in fabrics and cause abrasions, which results in more lint being formed.

A clothes dryer using heat pump technology offers a solution to both these problems. The breakthrough of heat pump dryers like the Electrolux EDH97981W is that they offer energy savings of between 50% compared to other dryers, without compromising on drying performance.

heat pump dryer

A heat pump dryer is much more energy efficient than traditional dryers, and helps your clothes last longer, too.

Traditional clothes dryers draw air from its surroundings to cool the hot air that has passed through the clothes drum, and to remove moisture from the wet laundry. The hot air used is then vented and fresh air taken in.

Heat pump dyers heat air in a closed circuit system, passes it over clothes and recycles the hot air to use in drying the laundry. The hot air leaving the drum is also cooled to condense the moisture extracted from clothes and the collected liquid can be filtered and reused for other household purposes. This closed air circuit efficiently recycles the heated air and energy within the drying system, using much less energy to dry your clothes.

A heat pump dryer generates less heat externally while in operation, which may be a welcome relief for owners of small apartments or laundry rooms. It is also gentler on your laundry. Drying temperatures in a heat pump dryer is reduced by about 25°C compared to other dryers, without any compromise in drying times. This makes over-drying of clothes less likely, extending the lifespan of the fabrics.

While the newer heat pump dryer models typically cost more than conventional dryers, the energy savings it offers over time make this appliance an appealing purchase for the long-term. For those looking for sustainability and lower electrical bills with the added benefits of a cooler apartment and longer-lasting clothes, a heat pump dryer may just be the way to go.

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