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Large dinners don't have to be a huge pain to cook with the new built-in oven.The BI Oven has one of the largest oven capacities on the market today, enabling users to cook up to three trays of food at once.

Whether it’s a dinner for your extended family, a party for 20 or a festive reunion dinner at home, the ability to cook large meals always comes in handy.

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Large dinners don’t have to be a huge pain to cook with the new built-in oven.

Large ovens are a boon in such situations as they allow you to cook bigger meals simultaneously with ease. Convection ovens with bigger capacities give the chef the option to roast meats and different sides such as vegetables all at the same time, as the heat is circulated evenly throughout the oven.

Encapsulating these advantages is the Electrolux large cavity built-in oven that fits in your standard 60cm dimension niche. The latest models, the EOB305X-1 and EOB307X-1 feature the largest oven capacity in the market, an Ultra Fan Plus that heats the oven even faster, and a unique detachable Cool Plus door that enhances safety for everyone in the family.

This new range of ovens each has a gross volume of 75L, with the option to cook up to three levels of racks simultaneously. Its space-efficient design provides up to 20% more room for food on each shelf. This means you can bake up to three trays of cookies or several cakes at once.

BI Oven

This latest range of ovens offer one of the largest oven capacities on the market today, enabling users to cook up to three trays of food at once.

Cooking large meals in these ovens save both time and energy as its Ultra Fan Plus circulates heat within the oven from its uniquely large 2.2kW ring fan heater more quickly and evenly. Since the heated air is spread throughout the oven at the same rate, it eliminates cold spots in the cavity and food will cook evenly no matter where you place it.

What is unique about having hot air circulating around food in a convection oven – rather than just surrounding it – are the results.  Not only do convection ovens cook dishes in less time, they also use lower temperatures while cooking, and are particularly suited for roasting dishes as well as baking your favourite cakes and cookies. With an Energy class A rating, it even uses the same amount of energy as your standard oven.

But the unique feature of this latest range has to be the Cool Plus oven doors.  Combining the best of European design and functionality, the triple glazed doors in this new range contain a reflective inner glass that helps retain more heat within the oven and at the same time, ensures that the surface temperature of the oven door does not exceed 50°C in the ambient temperature of a normal room.

And cleaning up after a big cook-up is no longer a chore.  The glass doors on these new ovens can be easily detached at the hinges and disassembled for easy and fuss-free cleaning. Where the layers of glass panels on regular ovens are fixed and become “dirt traps” for food particles, this oven’s inner and mid glass layers are easily and fully removable by simply taking off the door’s top cap and bottom seal.

So get your friends and family together for even bigger and better dinner parties!

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