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Presenting the new Chef-in-Residence: Chef E

He cooks food fit for royalty, and that’s not just a figure of speech.

How to indulge in greens this Vesak Day

Buddhists in South East Asia will be celebrating Vesak Day this week, on 5 May. Informally called Buddha’s Birthday, the occasion marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Chemical-free cleaning alternatives for your home

Commercial chemical-based cleaners can seem like the easiest, most convenient solutions to various stubborn stains around the home. The chemicals used in these cleaners can have unwanted side effects however, leading to eye or skin irritations, allergic reactions or dizziness. Not to mention potential pollution caused by the release of volatile compounds into the air or waterways via drains.

Giving your fondue an extra oomph

One of Switzerland’s most recognised dishes, cheese fondue is popular in many countries. There’s more to fondue than just cheese and bread, although the commercial fondue mixes sold at supermarkets don’t do much to dispel that notion. There are many subtle variations on fondues that can jazz up the dish for your dinner guests, or customise them to different tastes.

Breaking the vicious cycle of odours in your washing

When it comes to clothing colours, most Asians are classified as an Autumn or Winter when using colour analysis to match clothes to their skin tone. What this means is that our wardrobes are likely chock-full of light colours where sweat patches can easily form – and stick.

Chill out with stress relieving foods

In a bad mood? Feeling stressed? Head to the gym and work off those anxieties, or indulge in your favourite wine and unwind after a busy day. Or, how about an option that’s not only simple but contributes to your overall well-being too? Examine what’s on your plate first. We are what we eat after all, and that extends to our moods.

Rejuvenating your spaces – without a remodel

A home is more than just a place to return to at night. It’s a sanctuary from the rest of the world, a space where we live, relax, play and build relationships with our family. So when a person’s surroundings start falling apart or getting old, it’s no surprise that they themselves may soon get in a rut that a simple clean up or de-cluttering can’t help. Sometimes nothing less than a reshaping of personal space is needed to rejuvenate our spirits.

Foods to avoid serving at that first meal

​So you’ve successfully navigated those crucial first dates and now it’s time for that first home-cooked meal at your home. Congratulations. Now try not to panic – or serve these foods up.

Make a splash at Songkran with some modern appliances

Thailand turns on the waterworks with a smile this week. 13 April marks the arrival of a New Year for Thais with Songkran, the country’s traditional New Year’s Day and one of the most important dates in the Thai calendar.

Foods for a slimmer, healthier you

Let’s face it; the modern lifestyle is no friend to our figures. Stress from living busy lives filled with work, relationships and any other number of obligations makes it easy to pile on pounds that are unfairly much harder to lose later.