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Choosing a timeless colour scheme for the kitchen

With the array of colours available on materials today, trying to decide on a colour scheme for your kitchen design can be quite a challenge.

Vac Care: Good maintenance goes a long way

A vacuum cleaner is typically a low maintenance device, but keeping it shipshape will help it clean your house better. Not to mention stave off costly repairs or needing to replace it before its time. Bagged vacuums may contain vacuum bags that require replacing over time, but it pays off in better filtration of dirt in your home.

Five natural ways to boost your child’s immune system

Children are exposed to an endless array of germs and viruses every day in their daily lives, be it from the environment, their friends or animals. While getting sick as a child is part of the body’s process to build up an inexperienced immune system, it doesn’t hurt to give his or her immune system a boost. Here are some natural ways to do so.

Handy recipes for better cleaning results around the home

Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and salt are just some of the natural cleaners one can use to substitute for chemical solutions, which can be toxic over time. There are materials or stubborn stains, however, that no one ingredient can effectively clean.

Quick tips for packing a healthy lunch

Here’s an idea for cheaper, tastier and healthier lunch options – pack it from home. Given the rising costs of food and service these days, perhaps it might do to take a cue from our friends in India and Australia.

A quick guide to keeping your whites, white

Well cut white shirts, snazzy tees and simple dresses are fantastic and versatile additions to any wardrobe. Not to mention that they are literally cooler to wear in hot weather, since darker colours tend to absorb more heat.

Four tips that encourage “green” eating

In a world where potato chips, fried chicken and candy exist, it can be hard to get children to eat their greens. Given that a healthy, balanced diet means that one third of our meals should consist of fruits and vegetables, the mission to feed them right can be quite a challenge. Here are some handy ideas to get your kids more excited about their greens.

Asia Pacific’s cooking habits revealed in Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2012

The answers have been tallied and the results are in: The Asia Pacific’s crazy about cooking.

Drink the best the vine has to offer with the Vino wine chiller

Before there were refrigerators, there were wine caves and underground cellars offering cool, dark, humid and still surroundings, or simply, ideal storage conditions for wine. That has not changed today, although most will find owning an underground cave a challenging prospect. This is why good wine chillers mimic those conditions to give the modern wine […]

Combining contrasts – Lyndon Craig’s perspective on the future of home appliances at EuroCucina 2012

The latest kitchen devices showcased at the EuroCucina 2012 indicate that seemingly contrasting design goals can be combined through innovation. Appliances of the future will enhance our experiences through digital technology while becoming more environmentally friendly. Their design will range from ultra-minimalist to extreme decoration. Electrolux’s Senior Design Manager Lyndon Craig shares his observations and insights.