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Create culinary art with plating tips at home

A memorable dining experience these days doesn’t stop at how a dish tastes. The overall sensory experience is paramount to creating lasting impressions, and like a work of art, the colour and texture of what’s on the plate is as important as its flavour.

Enhance the flavours in food the healthier way

Living in a world filled with processed foods has introduced more sodium to our diets than is necessary – or healthy. This could explain why findings from the recent Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2012 found that over 70% of respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines worried over the use of salt in home cooking.

Great steamy ideas for your oven

A steam combination oven can be one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen, capable of several different methods of cooking – convection, steam and combination.

Electrolux Design Lab: Changing the future of home appliances and the lives of designers

Many “modern” technologies today have surprisingly long histories. It was Leonardo Da Vinci who first designed a submersible ship, or submarine in the 16th century, and there is no telling if an unimaginable design today may simply be a blueprint for a new technology in the future.

Cook in stages with a microwave for perfect results

Microwave ovens are one of the most versatile cooking appliances one can have in the kitchen. Which other cooking device can claim to defrost and cook foods as diverse as blanched spinach and potato chips?

Three ways to identify a truly environmentally friendly appliance

Whenever possible, many of us would prefer to purchase a sustainable and environmentally friendly appliance. A survey of shopping habits in the Asia Pacific found that consumers here are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products that observe free trade practices.

But is an appliance truly environmentally friendly, even if it comes with the right energy labels and ratings? Here are some ways to discern if a product is as sustainable as it says on the box.

Chef Sat Bains speaks on creating new experiences within The Cube by Electrolux

His love of girls led him to discover his love for food.

Two-star Michelin chef Sat Bains was 16 and clueless about what he wanted to do with his life after leaving school. After realising that taking a cookery course would help him meet lots of females, the Briton enrolled at the Wilmorton College in Derby, England, where his passion for the culinary arts won the war for his heart.

Enhance the longevity of your groceries with proper refrigeration

With modern lifestyles becoming ever busier, daily visits to the market have been replaced by weekly visits to the supermarket. Yet maintaining a healthy diet entails cooking and eating as much fresh food as possible.

Cook your veggies the quick and healthy way – in the microwave

Microwave ovens are typically seen as a quick and easy solution for reheating food and defrosting frozen ingredients quickly. Did you know that they can also be one of the most useful appliances for cooking fresh vegetables?

Washing in a designer look for your jeans

It’s summer and those blue jeans in your wardrobe doesn’t quite have the faded down casual look you’re hoping for. The good news is you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new designer pair. With a bit of ingenuity and help from your trusty washing machine, here are some tricks on creating that stone wash effect at home