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Common misconceptions of popular Italian dishes

Italy has created some of the world’s most well-known and beloved dishes. Pastas, pizzas and espressos are just some examples that almost everyone is familiar with. But is that Italian food you’re consuming truly as authentic as the restaurant or packaging claims? Or are you just eating a variant that’s been adapted to local tastes? Here are some common myths about Italian food, and how to cook them the authentic way.

Quick tips for faster meals with pressure cookers

One of the handiest tools you can have in the kitchen, a pressure cooker is a great appliance for cooking quick, nutritious meals. Pressure cooking helps to preserve vitamins and nutrients in food by using less liquid as well as a shorter cooking process. It is also virtually fat-free, as the food is cooked by steam that builds up in the pot, allowing even the cheapest cuts of meat to come out juicy and tender.

Banishing pet hair from your house to the doghouse

Pet hair will be a fact of life if you keep a dog or cat in your house. But you don’t have to accept living in the fur they shed. Here are some tips for reducing pet hair in your house, and how to remove them quickly.

Nine appliances for the future by Asia Pacific’s most promising design students

You may not have to leave your home in the future to enjoy new experiences. If the entries of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) competition are anything to go by, your home appliances may very well double up as conversation pieces while changing the way you experience daily chores like cooking and cleaning.

Celebrating a shared passion for food on both sides of the causeway

August marks a month of celebrations for Singapore and Malaysia, with their national days falling on 9 and 31 August respectively.

Although separated in 1965, a look at popular local dishes in both countries suggests that 47 years apart has had little effect on their shared culinary heritage.

Separate the dirt from your carpets with proper vacuuming

Carpeted floors can make living and moving around a house more comfortable, with its soft surface acting as insulation in cold weather, and muffling sounds from constant movement within the home.

Laundering tips for common clothing fabrics

We all know to sort our whites from coloured clothes before throwing them into the wash. But keeping the different fabrics that make up your wardrobe in tip-top condition may need a bit more care. After all, cotton and silk are made from different materials and should be handled differently. Here are some laundering tips for five common clothing fabrics: