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Nine appliances for the future by Asia Pacific’s most promising design students


You may not have to leave your home in the future to enjoy  new experiences. If the entries of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) competition are anything to go by, your home appliances may very well double up as conversation pieces while changing the way you experience daily chores like cooking and cleaning.

30 competitors from 20 countries have been selected from over 1,200 entries for the semi-final round of the competition.  The Asia-Pacific region is well-represented this year, with nine of the 30 making it through and are now in the running for the top 10 finalist spots.  Should they make it to the finals, they will travel  to Milan, Italy on 25 October  to present their concepts to a jury comprised of design experts.

Here’s a look at their  entries  that may change the way we experience life at  home  in the future.

Hula Washer

Country: South KoreaHula washer

Designer: Sang-soon Lee

School: Yongin University

The Hula Washer aims to keep you fit while you wash your clothes. Save time and money by spinning the Hula Washer like a hula hoop, letting you exercise while the device washes your clothes. Simply add your clothes and washing liquid to the hollow centre of the ring and start spinning. Because it is collapsible, you can store it easily or take it travelling, so you’ll always have clean clothes when you need them.



Country: South Korea/United Kingdom
Designer: Jongwoo Choi
School: Central Saint Martins

Conceived by South Korean , Choi Jongwoo, currently a student at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the UK, the  Ingresure will tell you exactly what you need to cook like a 5-star Michelin chef. Rather than rely solely on the recipe, the Ingresure uses advanced sensors to accurately measure the ingredients of your soup, sauce or stew and lets you know how much salt, pepper or spice you need to cook like a pro. It even comes with multiple attachments to suit the meal you’re making.

Smart Embossed Blender

Smart Embossed Blender

Country: South Korea
Designer: HwaJin Ock
School: Changwon National University

The human hand has tens of thousands of nerve endings that allow us to tell the difference between smooth and rough or hot and cold. With the Smart Embossed Blender, you can feel the texture of ingredients while blending, removing the need to stop blending, check the ingredients and restart again. Small embossed bumps on the silicone handle of the blender change with the consistency of the ingredients as they are blended so you can save time and stay in control of your cooking.

Tempo blender

Tempo Blender

Country: Taiwan
Designer: Fu Chun Wan
School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Boogie your way to the perfect mixed drink or sauce. The Tempo Blender can tell you what and how much you need to make a variety of fresh juices, cocktails or sauces while playing music to shake in time to. Simply add the ingredients to the blender and start boogieing. As you’re using your own energy to shake, you save time and electricity.



Country: Taiwan
Designer: Kuan-ting Ho
School: National Taipei University of Technology

The Hurricane is a fun and instructional drink mixer for those entertaining at home. All you need are the ingredients and your friends. The Hurricane will do the rest. Choose from any number of classic drink recipes and the Hurricane will give you step-by-step directions for what you need and how much to pour into the appliance. Then with just a touch of a button, the Hurricane will mix and pour the perfect cocktail.



Country: Australia
Designer: Amy Mon-Chu Liu
School: Queensland University of Technology

The Treat seamlessly combines classic food storage techniques, such as vacuum sealing with modern remote, mobile technology for the perfect combination of freshness and convenience. The treat has a clever and intuitive way of communicating and warning you when your food is expiring by changing colour as the food ages, and finally dropping from the “tree” when the food has expired. You can even access the Treat with a mobile app and tell it to preheat your meal before you get home.



Country: Italy/Macau
Designer: Karen I Man Cheong
School: Domus Academy

Currently a  student  at the Domus Academy in Italy, Cheong’s Fiery is the magic wand that will bring restaurant-style flambés into your home kitchen. Fiery is easy to use yet impressive. Pour the liquor in a pan or plate, press the button to ignite the fire, then simply remove it when the flame turns off. Make cooking more exciting than ever, impress your friends and enjoy the sight, sound and smell of flambés with Fiery.



Country: New Zealand
Designer: Ben de la Roche
School: Massey University

The ‘Impress’ will completely transform the way we refrigerate. Impress is a refrigeration wall that holds your food and drinks out in the open and not behind closed doors.   This allows you to  always remember the lunch you prepared for work or find that midnight snack with ease. It does not refrigerate when there is nothing in it and uses less power when fewer items are pressed into it. Waste no more leftovers with Impress by de la Roche, who hails from the same design institution as EDL 2011 2nd runner up Roseanne de Bruin.



Country: China

Designer: Wen Yao Cai

School: Guangdong Industry Technical College of China

Memory is a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person. Whether you want a weak, medium or strong coffee, or an espresso over a ristretto, the Memory will remember your perfect cup of coffee. Just tell it what you want, scan your handprint and the next time you want that exact same cup of coffee, the Memory is ready and waiting to serve it to you.

View the rest of the 30 semi-finalist entries from around the world at the Electrolux Design Lab 2012’s official website.

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