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EDL finalist Cai Wen Yao on creating a conceptual tasty Memory

A child saying “Why does it taste different today?” has taken designer Cai Wen Yao all the way to Milan, Italy. The simple sentence, overhead by the student at the Guangdong Industry Technical College of China, helped to inspire his design of the Memory coffee maker, which remembers how you like your morning cuppa, and replicates the exact flavours you enjoy most.

Think small for optimal laundering with washer-dryers

The washer-dryer combination appliance is a handy hybrid that combines both a washing machine and dryer. Unlike stackable machines, both functions are performed in the same drum, and thus present a compelling compact package for home owners seeking to maximise their use of space.

Wake up to fresh bread baked your way

The smell of freshly baked bread is possibly one of the most universally beloved aromas no matter where you live. Until the advent of the bread maker however, baking your own loaf tended to involve lots of time and effort spent mixing, kneading and baking the dough.

Exploring the diverse tastes of crayfish and how to achieve them at home

It’s crayfish season in Sweden and a time where the crustacean is consumed by the dozens at numerous crayfish parties, a traditional Nordic eating and drinking celebration.

Speaking from experience: Electrolux Design Lab 2012 jury members talk design

In a global village where popular products and services can be easily duplicated, what differentiates one from the other is the experience they offer. The professional members of the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2012 jury, Michelin Star chef David Oldani and design blogger Kelly Beall have made careers out of creating experiences in fine dining and design respectively.

Three common mistakes beginner chefs make

Cooking at home can be more than a necessity.  With the right tricks and planning, it can be a pleasurable  therapeutic experience, and even cement your status as the star in the kitchen. Don’t hob knob too much – or too little Adding oil or food to a pan before it’s properly heated can lead […]

Three common mistakes to avoid when cooking with your oven

You’ve followed the recipe to a T, and you have the perfect oven for the dish. Yet your cakes or roasts just aren’t coming out right. Here are three common mistakes home chefs make while cooking with the oven and tips on how to avoid them.

Keep your washing machine clean for improved laundry results

When your washing machine starts showing signs of wear, chances are, so will your clothes. A poorly maintained washing machine may result in improperly cleaned or worse, stinky clothes. If your clothes have started to show some of these signs, try these simple, straightforward tips to help better maintain your washing machine. Not only will you be able to keep your machine running for longer, your clothes will also thank you.

Cleaning and caring for the four most common types of floors

Flooring is an important component when planning the overall décor for any home as it can make a huge impact in the appearance and overall ambience of any room or space. It is also one of the most used or tread on surfaces in the home and how well it’s cleaned can affect the overall health and well-being of your family. Here are some nifty ideas to help you maintain and keep those floors clean: