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Keep your washing machine clean for improved laundry results


When your washing machine starts showing signs of wear, chances are, so will your clothes. A poorly maintained washing machine may result in improperly cleaned or worse, stinky clothes. If your clothes have started to show some of these signs, try these simple, straightforward tips to help better maintain your washing machine.  Not only will you be able to keep your machine running for longer, your clothes will also thank you.


Level with your machine

Do check that your machine is level and not tilted by using a carpenter’s level. An unevenly positioned machine may move around a fair bit during the tumble of the wash cycle, and will break down over time.


Leave the door open after washes

Leaving the washing machine door slightly open after each wash can help prevent a buildup of mould on the seal.

After each wash cycle, wipe the rubber lining of the washing machine’s door until it is dry.  Then leave the door slightly ajar so that your machine can be naturally air-dried. This prevents water from becoming stagnant in the door seal area and growing mould over time. When there is a mould build-up, clothes washed in the machine will start to smell.

If mould has already started to build up, try cleaning it off with a mould remover, or put some bleach and water in a spray bottle and apply it to the mouldy parts before wiping it off with a wet cloth. Do cover any areas of the washing machine you need to protect from the bleach.


Dilute the detergent

In a time where detergent and fabric softeners can come in extra concentrated varieties, you may need to dilute the cleaning agents, or just use less of it. Your clothes will still get just as clean.

Concentrated detergents are often very thick and can cause problems with the washing machine’s dispenser jets. If you find the detergent clogging up in the dispenser drawer, it’s a sign you’ll need to dilute it, or get a new detergent.


Clean out the detergent dispenser drawer

Do clean out your detergent dispenser drawer regularly, about once a week. This reduces the possibility of a build-up of detergent in the drawer, which can cause bad smells or prevent the detergent from making its way to the clothes during the wash cycle.

The Vapour Time Manager makes it easy to maintain a washing machine with a 90oC wash that will clear the drum of any residue build up, and has an easy to clean detergent drawer.

Washing machines like the Electrolux EWF85661 Time Manager have a detergent drawer that is designed to be easy to remove and clean. The top of the additive compartment can also be removed to facilitate thorough rinsing. The machine also features Magic Ball technology that ensures all the detergent remains in the drum for better cleaning performance, and not drained off by the pumps or hoses.

Do maintenance washes

While low temperature washes are environmentally friendly and can clean just as well as hot washes, this can encourage a build-up of detergent residue, lime scale or bacteria over time. Run a maintenance wash every month by putting the machine through the hottest wash cycle it is capable of without any laundry. You can use a normal measure of detergent for this wash, but it must be a powder detergent with biological properties.

Wash cycles in Electrolux Time Manager washing machines can reach up to 90oC, enough to clean out any drum of residue build up and allergens.

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