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Exploring the diverse tastes of crayfish and how to achieve them at home


 It’s crayfish season  in Sweden and a time where the crustacean is consumed by the dozens at numerous crayfish parties, a traditional Nordic eating and drinking celebration.

Crayfish season runs from August to September, and a party featuring the dish with copious amounts of alcohol is called a kräftskiva. Traditionally held outdoors, party accessories include paper tablecloths and lanterns that depict the Man in the Moon, bibs and silly hats worn by partygoers. The crayfish is boiled with salt, sugar, ale as well as stems and flowers of the dill plant before being served cold. It is common to eat a crayfish with a vodka chaser at these parties, where a rowdy atmosphere is amplified by noisy eating and the singing of snapsvisa, or traditional drinking songs.

Crayfish as a dish is not unique to the Scandinavians, however. A versatile seafood that is a common substitute for lobster, the crayfish features in a myriad of dishes around the world. Here are just a few to whet your appetites.

In a pie

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Crayfish pie is a popular dish from Louisiana in the United States.

Crayfish pie is a famous Cajun dish from Louisiana in the United States. The crayfish is baked in a pie crust with capsicums, celery, cayenne pepper, onions and tomatoes. Another baked twist popular in the region is crayfish cornbread, where the crayfish is added to the cornmeal mixture with capsicums, onions, cayenne pepper and cheddar cheese and is baked into a delicious loaf of cornbread.

Convection ovens like the Electrolux EOB305X have a fan bake option that can cut baking times by up to one third with its efficient circulation of hot air around the oven, ensuring even baking. Fan bake functions are also useful in browning and crisping items, which can give your cornbread a golden, crispy crust.

At barbeques

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Crayfish cornbread is a delicious variation on the baked staple food.

Crayfish is a popular feature at barbeques in Australia and New Zealand. Split down the middle, cleaned and placed on the grill on its shell, the crayfish is then constantly basted with a marinade while cooking. The marinade typically contains butter, lemon juice and garlic. Chilli is occasionally added for those who enjoy a spicier dish.

Barbeque grills like the Electrolux EN:V BBQ make grilling the perfect crayfish easy with professional level grills, a side burner to prepare the marinades and design features such as a retractable lid that enables the chef to interact with guests and enjoy the party.


In soups

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Crayfish is boiled with salt, sugar, ale and dill before being served cold with alcohol during the season in Sweden.

Boiling with condiments like salt, sugar, garlic and ale is popular in many parts of the world. Asian countries like China have added their own signature twist to it, with ma la (a combination of Sichuan pepper and hot chilli) flavoured crayfish often enjoyed with a beer during hot summers in Beijing. Crayfish is also a popular addition to soup noodles in several Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Jamaicans also enjoy boiling crayfish in a soup that can include yams, potatoes, onions, scallion, peppers and pimento grains.

Whatever the style, the Electrolux keyhole hob allows you to quickly boil up delicious crayfish dishes on the wok burner or gently simmer a yummy soup with the induction hob.

For a new way of cooking crayfish with a fusion twist, check out Chef E’s latest recipe on The Little White Book Facebook page!


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