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Wake up to fresh bread baked your way


The smell of freshly baked bread is possibly one of the most universally beloved aromas no matter where you live. Until the advent of the bread maker however, baking your own loaf tended to involve lots of time and effort spent mixing, kneading and baking the dough.

Today, bread makers like the latest Electrolux EBM1331 and EBM8000 make it a breeze to wake up to freshly baked bread at home. These bread makers do all the work of mixing, kneading and baking for you, resulting in the perfect loaf with little effort.

The biggest advantage of bread makers is the ability to customise what you put in your bread. Home-made bread can be adapted to suit a variety of dietary requirements and lifestyles, unlike commercial breads, which tend to contain additives and preservatives. Here are some great ideas for baking  at home with your own Electrolux bread maker:


Gluten-free Bread

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and malts, all of which are commonly used in baked goods. Those who require a gluten-free diet can use substitutes such as buckwheat flour, tapioca flour and brown rice flour.

The EBM8000’s programmes can bake a variety of breads including gluten-free loaves which can be tricky for new bakers.

Gluten-free baking is often a little tricky for those unused to baking with such ingredients.  If using an oven, do watch the bread to ensure it bakes properly, and do not leave gluten-free bread in a hot pan too long, as it makes the loaf soggy. The Electrolux EBM1331 and EBM8000 have a nifty Gluten-free baking programme that makes it much easier to turn out a great tasting bread loaf.  The warming function is also programmed to keep the bread warm while maintaining optimal texture and consistency.


Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread is bread that includes grains and cereals such as flax seeds, sunflower seeds, oats and barley. These give your breakfast extra fibre and essential fatty acids, making it a healthier and more well-balanced meal.

The EBM8000 comes with pre-set programmes that let you customise how you like your bread freshly baked in the morning.

To create multigrain bread at home, simply include about 1/3 cup to 6 tablespoons of grain cereal mix per loaf. If you prefer to have the cereal softened instead of crunchy, simply soak it in water for an hour before baking.

Whether you prefer a crusty, crunchy bread or a lighter, softer crust, the Electrolux range of bread makers can be set to bake a bread with just the right amount of crunch for you and your family.



If you’d like to give your family a classic French breakfast, go with a Brioche – a buttery French bread with a flaky crust. A brioche’s higher egg and butter content makes it a rich treat, and can be eaten with tea or for dessert. For an extra chocolaty twist, throw in some chocolate chips.



These days, bread makers are versatile enough to even bake a variety of cakes and desserts. Classic butter cakes, rice pudding, custard and even your favourite jams  can be made using various pre-set programmes on the EBM1331 and EBM8000.

The EBM8000 comes with bread and cake pans that allow you to bake cakes and make custards in it too.

As an added bonus, both bread makers introduce a 12-hour delay timer with a 1-hour warming function that allows you to set the time at which you want the machine to start baking before going to bed. And you can rest assured that your family can wake up to freshly prepared toast customised to their tastes and needs in the morning.

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