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Blenders vs Food Processors – when do we use them?

To most home cooks, a blender and food processor may not appear too different. Both seem to exist to simply chop, grind or puree ingredients into bits for our dining pleasure.

Floating air purifier walks away with top prize at the Electrolux Design Lab 2012

An air purifier that takes up no floor space, provides lighting at night and looks good while doing it.

Introducing the Aeroball, a design by Polish design student Jan Ankiersztajn. The concept was the winning entry at the Electrolux Design Lab 2012, held in Milan on 25 October.

Storing 5 popular Asian condiments for better flavour and longevity

Asian cooking uses a myriad of sauces and pastes which give the region’s cuisines their unique flavours. For the cosmopolitan chef, it’s likely that a variety of condiments have a place in their pantry or refrigerator.

Tips for throwing a scarily fun Halloween party

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Halloween is the one time of the year where it’s acceptable to throw on the most outlandish costumes and party well into the night. Once celebrated as All Hallows Eve, a time for honouring and praying for the recently departed, 31 October is now a date where children of all ages from all over the world look forward to a fun, candy-filled night.

Sear steaks like a pro from the comfort of your home

Ever wondered why your steak never seems to have the flavour and texture that proper steakhouses have? The secret to success lies simply in searing the meat first before actually cooking it.

Store the flavour of your cheeses with proper refrigeration

Most cheese lovers preoccupy themselves with choosing the right cheese at the shop. But to enjoy the flavour you’ve picked at leisure in your home requires extra care.

Depressurising the art of pressure cooking

Pressure cooking can be a hard thing to get right for the beginner. Tough, stringy meat, scorched pots and unevenly cooked stews are just some of the unsavoury outcomes of improper cooking with the appliance.

Many of them can be easily corrected with a few adjustments to the cooking technique. We look at some of the most common mistakes beginner chefs make with the pressure cooker.

Beating out ‘batter’ results with an electric mixer

If you’re an avid baker who’s been mixing your dough and batter by hand, a quick and easy way to save both time and effort lies in an electric hand or stand mixer like the Electrolux EHM2000 and EHSM2000.

Common mistakes made with blenders

As a cooking process, blending appears to be one of the easiest to pull off. But tossing all the ingredients in and waiting till the blender is done mixing may not always turn out as expected.

Here are some common mistakes made in blending ingredients and how to remedy them for a smooth, silky puree or deliciously textured smoothie drink.

Electrolux Design Lab finalist Amy Liu speaks on designing a Treat for your guests

Futuristic technology meets nature in the Treat – a finalist in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) competition. Conceptualised by Amy Liu, a Queensland University of Technology design student, this tree-like food storage appliance combines classic storage techniques like vacuum sealing with modern mobile technology that can control the device remotely.