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Clean up your vacuuming for pristine results


Vacuums have made cleaning the home a much more convenient affair. And while they may have replaced the broom in modern households, many homeowners have yet to update their own cleaning techniques when using their vacuums.

As with any tool, proper usage helps to deliver better results and preserves the life of both the vacuum and  surfaces around the home.  Here are some common mistakes when using a vacuum and tips on getting it right:

Not clearing the floor before vacuuming 

The Rapido Wet & Dry is a powerful handheld vacuum that is designed to suck up both wet and dry spills.

If you’ve ever sucked up a coin, button or pin by accident, you’ll be familiar with the annoying jingle that occurs in the vacuum hose or dust container. But sucking up hard, sharp items does more than make noise; they might damage the parts in your vacuum or tear the dust bag. To avoid this, simply ensure that any hard, large or sharp objects are picked up or cleared away before vacuuming.

Bagless vacuums like the Electrolux UltraActive make it easier to remedy the situation in case of accidents. Its dust container is designed for handy access and removal with a simple lift and pull motion, so any objects that the vacuum sucks in by accident can be removed with little fuss.


Using the wrong technique

The Ergorapido BRC is designed for easy handling, with wheels that allow the vacuum to glide across the floor.

Given our experience with using brooms, it is somewhat natural to apply a similar sweeping motion over the floor with the vacuum.  . Vacuums are most effective however when worked in a reverse motion. The optimal way to operate one is to pull it backwards in a straight line, pushing it forward to the top of the next area to be cleaned and pulling it backwards again. Each area should be given a few of such passes. The Ergorapido BRC upright vacuum makes handling easier with its grab and go design, while the wheels on its flexible floor nozzle make going through the motions a breeze.

Vacuums should also be given the time to pick up dust and dirt, so use slow motion over each surface to ensure that every particle is picked up. The Electrolux Jetmaxx vacuum has a powerful 2100W motor which makes 180km/h airflow speeds possible, so less passes over the floor is required to keep it spic and span.


Using the wrong tools

The Ultra One’s 3-in-1 nozzle make it a breeze to switch between tools for different types of cleaning surfaces.

Use the right vacuum settings and nozzle for different  surfaces. Carpets, for example, require the use of a powered brush with a more powerful vacuum setting. Using them on a hardwood floor could scratch the finish on such flooring surfaces. Vacuums like the UltraOne come with a 3-in-1 nozzle that allows you to switch between tools with ease.

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