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The quick guide to grilling vegetables indoors


From the time of our earliest ancestors, food that has been over an open fire has always had its allure for many people. Whether it’s the unique smoky flavour or the fun of cooking “back to basics style”, grilling aficionados agree that it’s a delicious way to prepare food, especially vegetables.

And if weather or space constraints are a factor, with modern cooking hobs, you can now  enjoy delicious barbequed veggies anytime with a bit of improvisation and ingenuity.


Assemble the right tools

Grilling on the hob requires a strong flame that can provide the high heat needed. Cooking hobs like the Maxiflame range, with its Triple Ring Burner and Elevated Triple Jets create flames that are more powerful than comparable models. In addition, the Maxiflame’s Dual Valve Precise Control allows you better control over the strength and intensity of the flame for grilling.

The intense heat from the burners on the Maxiflame cooking hob rivals those in professional kitchens, yet remain easy to control with its Dual Valve Precise Control.

If you are grilling just a few vegetables, you can hold them over the flame one at a time with a pair of tongs.  For a variety of vegetables or grilling in a larger batch, either   place them on skewers and cook them kebab-style or use a  wire rack  that can be placed over the flame. Just make sure that the rack is placed  over the flame so food is cooked over it and not in the flame itself.

For large, round vegetables like eggplants, they can be wrapped in aluminum foil before being placed over the flame to roast. Don’t be stingy with the foil – ensure at least three layers are wrapped around any vegetable you grill in this manner.


Marinate right

While most grilled vegetables taste good naturally  e.g. corn and potatoes are staples in most BBQs; asparagus, eggplant, capsicums and tomatoes can have their flavours enhanced with some simple marinades.  A light brushing of the vegetables with olive oil before grilling, and seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic aioli or lemon juice will do the trick.

Do stay off any goopy, sugary sauces like teriyaki when grilling, or you could find your vegetables getting burnt due to caramelisation.  For a caramelised shine, brush them on at the last minute.

Stop at the right time

The Maxiflame Triple Ring burner provides a high and focused heat suitable for both wok cooking and easy grilling.

Like meat, vegetables do continue to cook for a few minutes after they are removed from the heat.  Pull them off the flame while they are still looking bright for optimal results.  Don’t wait till they look burnt or have wilted. Some vegetables like eggplants and capsicums however, may have their skins blackened. Their skins should be peeled off to reveal the roasted, pulpy flesh underneath. Large 90cm gas hobs like the Electrolux EHG9340X with grill grates provide a great resting space for hot, freshly grilled food.

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