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Common mistakes made with blenders


As a cooking process, blending appears to be one of the easiest to pull off.  But tossing all the ingredients in and waiting till the blender is done mixing may not always turn out as expected.

Here are some common mistakes made in blending ingredients and how to remedy them for a smooth, silky puree or deliciously textured smoothie drink.

Blending everything at once

It’s fairly common practice for cooks to dump everything into the blender at once. But this may hamper the blender from mixing the ingredients thoroughly. It is always better to blend in stages, starting with solid ingredients and working your way to the liquids. Water or ice should always be the very last thing to go into a blender, as it’s easier to tell how much is needed after the rest of the ingredients have been blended. This reduces the risk of the final mixture becoming too watery.

When there isn’t enough liquid or an air pocket forms around the blades, the blender may stop mixing. Just stop the blender and use a utensil to stir and redistribute the mixture, or add more liquids.


A vortex force effect is created in the triangular glass jar of the Powermix Silent, ensuring a powerful, smooth blending experience.

Blenders like the Electrolux Powermix Silent blender are specially designed to ensure a powerful, seamless blending experience. With its 4-winged serrated blades combined with a 1.5L triangular glass jar, the blender creates a vortex force effect that forces ingredients towards the blade, and gives a better mixing performance.


Using the wrong amount of liquid

The amount of liquid used in blending affects everything from the consistency of the final product to its taste. Too little, and your puree or smoothie may not turn out smooth. Too much, and you get a runny result. Adding too much water to pureed food may also reduce its nutritional value. It is always best to underestimate the amount of liquid to add if unsure, as you can always add more later.

The Powermix Silent comes with a fruit filter accessory, so you can enjoy blended fresh fruit concoctions without worrying about their seeds.

Blending also dilutes drinks by up to 40 percent, so keep that in mind when adding water, especially to ingredients that may not be strongly flavoured. If you’re still worried about dilution, a neat trick is to freeze your favourite juices  into ice cubes and use them in blending later on.  . Adding milk or ice-cream into the mixture may also add extra creaminess and flavour into smoothies, cocktails and purees. The Powermix Silent also includes a fruit filter accessory that removes seeds and pits from fruit juices for a truly fuss-free experience.

Preparing ingredients for blending

For those making several or large batches of smoothies, mixed drinks or pureed foods, separating each portion into individual bags help to prevent differing results from an unequal mix of ingredients later.

And if you like refreshing smoothies, always remember to freeze your fruits beforehand to get that perfectly smooth result.

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