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Beating out ‘batter’ results with an electric mixer


If you’re an avid baker who’s been mixing your dough and batter by hand, a quick and easy way to save both time and effort lies in an electric hand or stand mixer like the Electrolux EHM2000 and EHSM2000.

One of the more convenient tools you’ll ever have in your kitchen, these mixers are designed to automate the task of whisking and mixing cake and pastry mixtures. They are also great for making whipped cream, purees, as well as dishes such as soups and mashed potatoes. Fans of homemade butter and mayonnaise will also appreciate the delicious results these electric mixers can create.

Hand mixers like the EHM2000 are easier to store and retrieve, and can be used in a variety of container sizes.

Double whisks on such mixers allow air to be folded into the mixture, creating a lighter and fluffier result. The EHM2000 and EHSM2000 also come with double hook attachments that can simulate the hand kneading motions of yeast dough.

While hand and stand mixers essentially do the same job, stand mixers require less effort to operate as you don’t have to hold the mixer in place. The EHSM2000 also rotates its large 2.5 litre bowl for optimal results.

Stand mixers make mixing totally effortless, as the machine does all the work, including rotating the bowl as the mixer operates.

Hand mixers like the EHM2000 are more portable and versatile as they can be used in bowls or containers of any size, thus allowing chefs to mix as much batter or cream as they want. They are also very compact, making them  easy to store and retrieve.

Whichever option you choose, both mixers come with five different speed settings for different types of ingredients and mixtures. Equipped with a power rating of up to 300W, these mixers are able to tackle   large quantities of bulky dough.  A turbo feature also makes them suited to mixing harder ingredients like nuts and fruits into smoothies or purees.

To ensure that cleaning up is a similarly easy affair, remember to use different speed settings at different stages of your mixing process.     Avoid  having to clean up accidental spills by starting off  at a low or medium speed and increasing  things up as the ingredients are gradually incorporated into the mixture.

Both the EHM2000 and EHSM2000 are also dishwasher friendly, and detaching the whisks or hooks is a simple matter of pressing the eject button and popping them into the dishwasher.

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