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Tips for throwing a scarily fun Halloween party


Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Halloween is the one time of the year where it’s acceptable to throw on the most outlandish costumes and party well into the night. Once celebrated as All Hallows Eve, a time for honouring and praying for the recently departed, 31 October is now a date where children of all ages from all over the world look forward to a fun, candy-filled night.

And it’s not hard to throw a shindig for the occasion. Half the fun comes with the guests and their dress sense for the evening.  Throw in some good humoured activities that trick and treat equally, and all that’s left is to serve the right foods for the occasion.

Here are some ideas for putting together a Halloween party menu:

Make it easy to eat

With your guests in elaborate costumes and partaking in activities like bobbing for apples or hanging the treacle, food that can be easily eaten like finger food should be served. Sandwiches, chicken or cheese fingers, cookies or simple stir-fried noodles are some foods that can be easily loaded onto a plate and eaten while moving around. Soups or liquid desserts served “cappuccino-style” in cups make them easy to sip.

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Candied Apples are an easy to make traditional Halloween treat. 

Don’t forget traditional Halloween foods like candied apples, which can be made by melting sugar and corn syrup together, before rolling a skewered apple in the mixture and evenly coating it.  You can then roll the apple in toppings such as mini-chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, toffee pieces and crushed peanuts before the sugar sets as an added treat.

Induction hobs like the Electrolux EHEC65BS are great for melting the sugar mixture, as its ability to keep the heat in the pot at a consistent temperature helps reduce the risk of burning the sugar.


Give it a spooky makeover

With a bit of imagination, your favourite cookies can be cut and baked in the shape of spooky characters or given a Halloween style makeover using white frosting and creating a skeleton on your usual chocolate gingerbread men.

If your household has a tradition of carving a Jack-o-Lantern from a pumpkin, you can turn the leftovers into a delicious chunky soup, which can be served as a “Witch’s soup” or “Ghoulash Goo”. If you prefer your pumpkin soups to have a smooth texture, hand mixers like the Electrolux EHM2000 and EHSM2000 can help to make a veloute-style soup.

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The Jack-o’-Lantern is a popular Halloween decoration that is commonly made at home with just a pumpkin and a carving knife. The leftovers are usually turned into a delicious pie or soup.

Such handmixers also make the process of mixing large batches of dough and batter easy. Combined with large capacity ovens like the Electrolux 66-litre EOB305X, which can cook and bake multiple trays of food at once, whipping up enough food for a houseful of guests can be more treat than trick.

Wondering what else you can do with the leftover pumpkins from Halloween? Check out Chef E’s leek & pumpkin soup recipe at the Electrolux Little White Book!

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