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Tips on designing your kitchen for maximum enjoyment


These days, the experience of cooking can be as enjoyable as the meal itself, or even more so. As a result, kitchen design has taken on a larger role in how we experience the preparation of meals. A good layout ensures convenience, accessibility and less cleaning post-meal. Here are five tips to ensure your kitchen is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency:


Have room to work

A well-designed room needs space to function optimally, and this goes doubly so for kitchens. Instead of filling it to the brim with appliances, figure out what you really need and leave enough space for countertops where you can comfortably perform cooking tasks like chopping, washing, mixing and so on.

This space will vary depending on the ‘real-estate’ that’s available to work with and your personal cooking requirements.  Just remember that you’ll need to factor in having some appliances permanently on your countertop, such as coffeemakers, toasters or blenders, which are used more frequently. Note the locations of electrical outlets when planning these spaces. This may also help you control the accumulation of appliances on the countertop over time.

Appliances themselves can provide extra working spaces like the Electrolux EHG9330X, which has an 86cm wide surface area and enamel trivets that allow you to keep food near the cooking area while remaining above the surface of the hob. This keeps your ingredients handy while cooking and also makes the appliance easy to clean.


Traffic management

In interior design, the concept of the “kitchen work triangle” links the three areas of greatest activity – the sink, stove and refrigerator – in a triangle.

The classic kitchen work triangle design connects the fridge, stove and sink in a triangular layout to maximise efficiency while cooking.

This layout provides easy movement between the areas and appliances included within, and this triangular path should always be kept unobstructed. Narrow spaces, inconveniently placed cabinet doors and kitchen islands can cut into this space, making movement within the kitchen less convenient and efficient.

Also consider your family’s movements in the kitchen and design the layout accordingly with this concept in mind. Some other areas to consider are trash disposal or an area for placing cookbooks, telephones or even a docking station for your iPad if you access recipes digitally.  And finally, always have a clear path for serving food from the kitchen to the dining room – it can be stressful handling hot plates filled with food with obstacles in the way!

Appliances which can be placed on countertops like the Electrolux EMS3067X microwave oven can help to free up space and improve traffic flow in the kitchen. This microwave also combines grilling and convection cooking features in one product, which means less need to buy more appliances for those cooking functions.


Ventilate well

Every good kitchen design plans for proper ventilation. Good ventilation not only improves air quality in the kitchen, but can prolong the life of other appliances. Poor cooking hoods which do not properly vent odours and grease particles may cause them to land on your cabinets, countertops and other appliances.

Invest in a good cooking hood like the Electrolux [T1] EFC9563X, which packs a powerful suction of 1400m3/hr with an active carbon filter. This ensures that odours, smoke and steam are sucked into the hood and clean air is recirculated around the kitchen.


Go timeless

The Electrolux Ebony range provides a strong aesthetic contrast with a timeless design that ensures your kitchen will never go out of style.

It might be tempting to get our kitchen decked out in a trendy red or pomegranate colour, but in five years they may just look a little outdated or even  garish. Go for more subtle or timeless looks with organic materials like wood or marble. Stainless steel can also be used with them. The Electrolux Ebony kitchen range comes in a timeless black colour with sleek and minimalist appliances, making it a good choice when considering a kitchen design that will stand the test of time.

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