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Hit the right spot in your fridge for better vegetables


When you get home from the market, don’t just adjust the thermostat on your crisper compartment and toss in the vegetables. There’s an art to keeping different veggies fresh, and that could make a difference in the flavour, nutrients and lifespan of your produce.

Choose the right storage

The right placement of vegetables and other produce can help preserve its freshness and flavour.

Vegetables are not made equal, and some do better outside a fridge than inside. Potatoes, garlic and onions are best stored outside, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Others like celery, broccoli and cabbage tend to do better in a refrigerator. Putting vegetables in their rightful place helps to retain their flavour better.

Wash them at the right time

In general, most vegetables to be stored in a fridge should be stored in their original packaging or in a plastic bag.  They should also only be washed just before use. Washing vegetables before putting them in the fridge leaves moisture, which encourages mould and rotting.  If you must wash them beforehand, do dry them with a paper towel before placing them in the fridge.

There are some exceptions such as celery, whole carrots as well as leafy greens like spinach and lettuce. These should be washed before storing. For celery and leafy greens, wrap them loosely in a paper towel before bagging and putting them in storage. For whole carrots, chop the green leaves to about an inch. Then wash and wrap them loosely in a damp paper towel before sealing in a plastic bag. They are best kept in the crisper compartment. All Electrolux fridges come with a crisper compartment that has adjustable humidity settings.  Combined with proper storage techniques,  vegetables can be kept fresher for much  longer.

Store them in the right places

Not all veggies play nice together. Potatoes and onions, while requiring similar storage conditions, should not be stored together as they will spoil faster.

Many households tend to store fruits and vegetables in the same crisper compartments, not realising that some fruits give off the natural gas ethylene. This is why fruits like apples and bananas should be kept separate from vegetables to ensure maximum longevity. If that is not possible, fruits that give off high levels of ethylene gas should be stored in sealed plastic bags to prevent the accelerated spoilage of other produce.

Make space for them

The crisper compartment in Electrolux refrigerators come with adjustable humidity, so you can store them in optimal conditions for longer.

Refrigerators like the Electrolux ESE5608TA come with not just a crisper compartment, but flexible shelving that allows you to adjust the storage spaces in your fridge to fit your needs. This gives you the option to store certain vegetables like corn or peas, which do not need to be put in the crisper, away from ethylene-producing fruits. The Electrolux ESE5608TA’s multi-airflow system ensures even circulation of cold air through the fridge, which keeps storage temperatures the same no matter where you store your food.

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