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Whip up tastier meals with these homemade spice blends

Planning to fill up your spice rack with some blends? Don’t run down to the supermarket just yet. Spice mixes can be easily made at home with a spice grinder, and you can customise the quantity of spices you need. If you don’t have a specialised spice grinder, blenders like the Electrolux EBR2601 can double up as one with its detachable mill grinder accessory, which is designed to grind dry foods just as well as a specialised appliance.

Welcome the New Year with stain-free clothes

If it’s the morning after your Christmas party and you’ve woken up to stained clothing from last night’s meal, fret not. Here’s a quick guide to common holiday stains and how to launder them with the Electrolux Vapour Time Manager range of washing machines.

Tips for giving your kids a New Year’s party to remember

Celebrating the holiday season can be fun and fulfilling, but it can also start to get tiring with energetic young kids raring to welcome another year in their lives. Even if Christmas celebrations have taken most of the wind out of your sails, it’s not out of the question to still throw a nice family party for yourself and your kids. Here are some adaptations on New Year’s traditions for family-friendly celebrations.

Quick tips for surviving multiple holiday party clean-ups

There’s no other period in the year with as many reasons to party. If you’re hosting both Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties this year, the fun can quickly turn into a drag once the wine bottles have been emptied and the crumbs have piled up around the house. Here’s a look at some quick house cleaning tips for surviving multiple parties this festive season.

Pre-heat Christmas cheer with oven-baked ornaments

If you’re looking to avoid adding ornaments to an already long shopping list, or are in the market for customised ones that will give your home an extra personal touch, look no further than your kitchen for inspiration. Plus, it’s so simple that even your kids can get involved, making it a fun time for all.

Transform your kitchen space with multifunctional design

These days, kitchens serve more than just one purpose. Perhaps it’s the comfort of having mum cooking a delicious, aromatic meal in the background; or the process of cooking bringing people together, whatever the reason; many households today eat, socialise and even work in the same kitchen space.

Tips for quick and easy Christmas meals

Christmas dinners don’t always have to be about big hunks of meat with elaborate side dishes. Sometimes simple works best. After all, the season is really about family and friends. Whether you’re looking for easy recipes that you can pull off, or you’re just throwing together a small last-minute dinner gathering, here are some easy ideas for whipping up a Christmas meal on the fly.

Plan ahead and have more fun at your Christmas shindig

Whether you’re used to preparing large family dinners or cooking for a group of friends, hosting and cooking a Christmas dinner can still be an intimidating prospect for most. From the sheer amount of roasting needed for your various meat dishes to the different side dishes and sauces that accompany them, trying to pull off this meal without a hitch can be a complex task.

Simple substitutions for delicious Christmas snacks

It’s December and school’s out for the holidays. The kids are home and looking forward to their favourite festive treats. While many Christmas goodies tend to be loaded with sugar or salt, healthier options are easy to whip up at home and can be just as tasty! Here are some simple and nutritious substitutions for your children’s snacks this holiday season.

The quick guide to easy Christmas stuffing

Whether you’re tucking into a traditionally cooked turkey or a commercially prepared one, chances are, the poultry contains a stuffing within its cavity.