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Kitchens around the world are increasingly evolving from just a space for food preparation. They are becoming the heart of the home, where more social interactions between family, friends and guests occur. It can be a place where both cooking and eating take place, where your friends hang out and talk over a glass of wine, or even an area where your kids might spend their playtime.

With the kitchen becoming a multi-functional space, it should incorporate both form and function. That’s where a fitted kitchen, or one with built-in appliances, shine. Such kitchens are usually planned and built to maximise use of the available space and shape of the area. Built-in appliances also tend to make the most of a compact space, as they are built into counters or walls and do not take up space on tables or counter tops.

Fitted kitchens when done right will feature a stylish, integrated design with clean lines that look better than a kitchen with disparate appliances. In order to properly integrate built-in appliances, there are several basic factors that need to be considered. Here are some common considerations when planning for a fitted kitchen.

Make sure the space measures up

As with any home installation, be sure to take precise measurements of the kitchen area first. Understanding the layout of your kitchen is critical to planning for its design. Where are the power points, water and gas pipes, windows and doors?

Making a rough sketch of how you envision the placement of appliances, work spaces and doors might help. Do keep in mind tried and tested designs like the kitchen triangle, which places the three points of greatest cooking activity – the sink, stove and fridge – in a triangle. Well-designed kitchens typically allow optimal movement between these three points.

Place your appliances correctly

The versatile EOB9800X steam combination oven is a built-in appliance that offers professional cooking results.

When you have a feel of the room you have, it’s time to place the appliances in it. Do leave the final measurements to the experts, but it’s good to start with an outline of what you want. Don’t forget to factor in all three dimensions – height, length and depth. You don’t want large appliances obstructing access to a window or in the way of the door.

And don’t worry that smaller is lesser. Many built-in appliances have the same features but can come in different sizes. Many of the cooking options on the versatile 52 litre Electrolux EOB98000X steam combination oven can also be found on the 31 litre Electrolux EOK96030X steam combination oven. The latter offers the same professional level cooking performance as its larger counterpart to homeowners with more compact kitchens.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a large kitchen space, don’t fall victim to appliance creep, where more and more appliances are added to a space just because it’s available. You’ll need space to chop and mix ingredients too. Cooking hobs like the 76cm Electrolux EGG7422S offer an extra spacious workspace for more freedom to use larger pots and pans, as well as keep multiple ingredients within easy reach.


Consider the finishing touches

Look at the kitchen design as a whole. Beyond selecting what you want to put in your kitchen, think about the colour and texture of finishes, flooring and even cabinet handles. Small touches like these can affect the final look of a kitchen and mean the difference between a picture-perfect kitchen or one with a few jarring visual elements.

The stainless steel look and clean lines of the E:Line kitchen range gives a professional look to any home kitchen

This is why premium appliance manufacturers like Electrolux have kitchen collections which give different appliances an integrated look and feel when installed together. The E:Line kitchen range features a sophisticated, professional-looking design with high quality stainless steel and clean lines. For those going for a more striking look, the all-black Ebony kitchen range is a timeless standout that will turn the area into one that is a pleasure to both cook and dine in.

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