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Handy feasting tips for a fun and healthy holiday season


It’s December, which means two of the year’s most celebrated occasions – Christmas and New Year’s Eve – are just around the corner. And with festivities come food, lots of it. Candy canes, turkey, cakes and puddings are just some of the traditional fare consumed during this period. And we all know how hard it is to resist these delicious treats. 

But it’s not impossible to keep from adding inches to your waistline. Here are some tips for enjoying this holiday season while keeping the extra pounds away.


Eat breakfast

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Eating a balanced and full breakfast helps to prevent overeating later.

Remember to eat a healthy breakfast, especially on days you know you’ll be eating more, like Christmas day or New Year’s Eve. Starving yourself of this vital meal can lead to a massive overindulgence later, when the food is more calorie-laden. Skipping breakfast can also lead to snacking throughout the day, which can mean eating more than you would otherwise.

Start the day with foods that increase the feeling of fullness, and keeps you feeling sated for longer periods of time. Whole grain or multigrain breads have a low glycemic index (GI), which means they are digested more slowly over a longer period of time than white bread. Combined with a higher fibre content, whole grain and multigrain breads are ideal for keeping hunger pangs at bay until the big dinner.

Having a breadmaker like the Electrolux EBM8000 allows you to bake your own bread using other low GI ingredients. Whether you enjoy a bread with a crunchy crust or a lighter, softer loaf, the Electrolux breadmaker will make it just the way you like.


BYO healthy options

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Bringing a salad to the dinner ensures there’s at least one healthy option at the meal.

When invited to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve potluck, offer to bring something healthy, like a salad or vegetable side dish so you can ensure there’s at least one healthy option at the meal. The Electrolux ETB2300PC offers a crisper compartment that can help keep vegetables crisp and garden fresh until party time. The fridge’s multi-airflow system also ensures an even temperature throughout the fridge, so you can store pre-prepared dishes anywhere without worrying about hitting a warm spot and accidentally spoiling the food.


Adapt for health

With a little adaptation and the right kitchen equipment, it’s not hard to cook healthier versions of your favourite holiday foods. And you don’t have to worry about losing the flavours either. For example, you can prepare gravy beforehand and refrigerate it to harden any fat in it. You can then skim the fat off for a healthier sauce for your meal. Similarly, take the skin off that turkey breast and that’s less fat you have to worry about.

The Electrolux Powermix Silent will make short work of any solids and turn them into smooth purees.

Or simply use healthier dressings for salads. Instead of using mayonnaise or Thousand Island sauce, dress your salads with olive oil and a bit of vinaigrette, or add fruits like cranberries for extra flavour.

Other easy substitutions include skim milk and cheese instead of their regular counterparts.  This can save on the fat and calories in puddings, drinks, mashed potatoes and pies. Using fruit purees instead of sugar can add fresh flavours to a cake, and all you’ll need is a powerful blender like the Electrolux Powermix Silent to ensure a smooth result for baking.

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