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Plan ahead and have more fun at your Christmas shindig


Whether you’re used to preparing large family dinners or cooking for a group of friends, hosting and cooking a Christmas dinner can still be an intimidating prospect for most.  From the sheer amount of roasting needed for your various meat dishes to the different side dishes and sauces that accompany them, trying to pull off this meal without a hitch can be a complex task. 

With the right planning however, navigating smoothly around the various cooking challenges on Christmas can actually make the experience fun and rewarding.

Start early
Preparations for your Christmas dinner can actually start a few days before the meal itself. With large roasts like turkey on the menu, eating at 7pm may mean starting at noon on the day itself, especially if you have several different items like soups, salads, side dishes and of course, dessert.

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Pulling off a hitch-free Christmas feast takes planning and preparation days before the actual event.

Planning out the timeline with pencil and paper might help get things in order and show you what needs to be done. Working out the schedule also helps to make sense of the time requirements, and allow you to spot and correct any mistakes before starting.

Start with the time dinner is expected to start and work backwards using the time needed for each cooking method and dish, especially the turkey. Then add an hour for getting your oven up to the desired cooking temperature and at least 45 minutes for the turkey to rest before serving.

Intelligent ovens like the Electrolux EOC69400X Inspiro oven helps cut down on cooking times and eliminates the need to estimate them. With over 300 recipes from professional chefs programmed into the oven, it is equipped to auto-detect the amount of food and set the optimal temperature and time needed to cook your food automatically. Its Ultra Fan cooking feature combined with its auto-focus heat technology also help to reduce pre-heating and cooking times.

Christmas Eve
Get the ingredients ready before the big day. Chop, peel and trim your carrots, sprouts, onions and other vegetables. Some, like potatoes, can be parboiled for a quicker cooking process on the day itself. Gravy can be made and stored in the fridge in advance.

A fridge like the Electrolux EQE6307SA Quattro, with its multiple compartments, allows you to keep your various ingredients organised and within easy reach. Its extra-wide interior is also built to accommodate large party platters for easy serving later.

Christmas Day

The 75 litre EOB305X-1 is a large capacity oven that can roast entire meals at once, saving time and energy in cooking.

Start the day by getting the oven to the optimum cooking temperature. Get your turkey, stuffing and vegetables ready for roasting. Large capacity ovens like the 66 litre Electrolux EOB305X or the 75 litre EOB305X-1 allow you to roast your turkey, potatoes and vegetables simultaneously, so plan the cooking times well for each dish.  This will ensure the oven is not opened more than necessary and save you even more time on the cooking process.

When the turkey is done, transfer it to a warmed serving plate and loosely cover it with tinfoil to retain heat while it rests. Then finish up on the rest of your tasks and prepare to enjoy a stress-free Christmas dinner.

Need a turkey recipe with a delicious twist? Watch out for Chef E’s X’mas Turkey recipe on the Electrolux Little White Book Facebook page!

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