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Simple substitutions for delicious Christmas snacks


It’s December and school’s out for the holidays.  The kids are home and looking forward to their favourite festive treats.  While many Christmas goodies tend to be loaded with sugar or salt, healthier options are easy to whip up at home and can be just as tasty!  Here are some simple and nutritious substitutions for your children’s snacks this holiday season. 

High fibre options
Sugar cookies and cereal mixes held together by corn syrup or marshmallows are common munchies found at Christmas. They’re also easy to make at home, so instead of buying commercially prepared snacks, bake your own in ovens like the Electrolux EOB31001X. This 52 litre oven comes equipped with three rows of shelves and a fan bake feature that allows you to quickly and evenly bake a big batch of treats that will last your kids through the holidays.

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Many cereal bar mixes are held together by corn syrup or melted marshmallows – you can make a healthier substitution using honey and peanut butter.

Now that you’re in control of what goes into your kids’ snacks, use healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour instead of white flour, which introduces more fibre into the child’s diet. Similarly, use multigrain or other high fibre cereals that are low in sugar for cereal mixes. And instead of marshmallows, use honey and creamy peanut butter to hold the cereals together.

The right oils
Many holiday recipes from popcorn to cookies and dips, call for a liberal amount of butter. But it’s not the only way to make something tasty. Use healthier canola oil instead of salted butter for popcorn, or cinnamon sugar instead of caramel if your kids prefer it sweet.

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You can make holiday cookies a healthier snack choice by switching to whole meal flour or using naturally sweet ingredients like blueberries instead of sugar.

Similarly, use low fat or unsalted butter in baked goods. Half the butter or oil in muffins can be replaced by pureed fruit like applesauce. Powerful blenders like the Electrolux EBR2001 are easily up to the task of turning fresh fruit into oil substitutes.

Dips containing cream and mayonnaise tend to be high in fat content, but can be easily replaced by pureed beans or vegetables with olive oil and garlic for a healthier dip with fibre content. Homebaked sweet potato or taro chips can be served instead of store-bought potato chips as well.

Salt and sugar substitutes
Salt and sugar in many holiday treats can be easily replaced by healthier, easily available substitutes. Ever versatile fruit purees can be used to replace the use of butter or oil in baked treats, and the natural sweetness of fruits acts as a natural substitute for sugar too. Fruits like blueberries and blackberries can also add extra sweetness to muffins and cakes, allowing you to cut back on the use of sugar.

Similarly, salt can be replaced by simply combining ground herbs and spices, such as mixing paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, ground pepper and oregano. The Electrolux EBR2001 comes with a mill grinder accessory made to easily grind dry food into a consistency suited for just this purpose.

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