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Transform your kitchen space with multifunctional design


These days,  kitchens serve more than just one purpose. Perhaps it’s the comfort of having mum cooking a delicious, aromatic meal in the background; or the process of cooking  bringing people together, whatever the reason;  many households today eat, socialise and even work in the same kitchen space.

Here are some tips for creating a kitchen that’s versatile enough to meet all these social needs. 

A space for cooking and serving

The most common multifunctional kitchen is one where food is prepared, served and eaten. This is especially so in small homes and apartments, where maximising the use of space is required. Work spaces like kitchen counters tend to be where ingredients are prepared for cooking, where meals are plated and where cooking recipes and notes need to go for easy reference.

Multifunctional kitchens with spaces for work, socializing and other activities make the room the “heart of the home”.

Do plan for ample space to perform these tasks, and try not to overcrowd the area with appliances. Cooking hobs like the 76cm Electrolux EGG7438CK Brio hob are designed to maximise cooking space, with an area wide enough to accommodate three large pots and pans. This gives you the flexibility to cook multiple dishes using a variety of cooking methods.

If you’re planning to entertain in the kitchen, also consider form with function. Think about the interior finishes and how they can come together to look good as a dining area. The Electrolux Ebony range, with its black glass finishes, is designed to be versatile, whether it’s fitting in with glass cabinetry, blending with dark natural stone or providing a brilliant contrast with other colours in your kitchen design.


A space for work

If your kitchen needs to double up as a work space while you’re watching the hob or oven, look into modular furniture and components. Dining room tables with a pull-out design can provide extra work spaces. A portable kitchen island can also serve different functions from storage to food preparation and dining.

The E:line kitchen range brings a sleek and professional stainless steel look to the home.

For a more professional environment in the kitchen, consider the Electrolux E:line range.  Its clean lines and stainless steel look is modelled after professional kitchens, while its built-in appliances utilise a modular design to enable you to customise the kitchen space to your needs.


A space for kids

You don’t need a big space to create a play area that’s safe for your kids while allowing you to keep an eye on them. A toy kitchen or kid-sized table in one corner, away from the stove, can suffice as a play area.

For added piece of mind, appliances like the Electrolux EKC607601X freestanding cookers and EOB3071X_1 oven come designed with safety in mind.   The first ensures  the gas supply is immediately cut off once  the flame is off, while the Electrolux EOB307X-1’s Cool Plus door ensures that its surface is barely warmer than room temperature even while  in operation. So you can cook worry-free with your kids in the kitchen.

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