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Quick tips for surviving multiple holiday party clean-ups


There’s no other period in the year with as many reasons to party. If you’re hosting both Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties this year, the fun can quickly turn into a drag once the wine bottles have been emptied and the crumbs have piled up around the house.  Here’s a look at some quick house cleaning tips for surviving  multiple parties this festive season.


Make cleaning easy on yourself

Unless you’re serving up an elaborate sit-down dinner for guests you need to impress, go with disposable plates and cups. Your close friends and family are there for the company, not your finest china. Disposable paper plates and cups are much easier to gather up and stick in the trash after eating. Setting out lots of coasters or using large tablecloths  will make it easier to clean your surfaces after the gathering.

For a more sustainable approach, use disposable dinnerware made from bio-degradable or recycled materials, or use a mix of plates and bowls to serve food from.  Alternatively, a dishwasher like the Electrolux ESF66070XR makes washing up a breeze  after every party. With flexible shelving, this dishwasher can help optimise the space within to fit in as many pieces of cooking and dining utensils as possible, so you can wash everything within a few wash cycles.


Don’t wait till after the party

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Have fun during the party – an Electrolux vacuum will take care of the confetti later.

You don’t need to chase your guests out before starting the cleaning process. If you see the party winding down in the next half an hour, you can start putting away any disposable trash you see left out and make mental notes of any stains or spills you may need to work on quickly.

To save time on getting rid of or storing leftovers, you can start offering them as takeaways for your guests. If you anticipate extra food, do stock up on plastic containers or bags for packing leftovers.


Be systematic

When everyone has gone, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. If you see spills on carpets or upholstery, get to work on them before they can set. Fold paper towels to the size of the stain and press  hard into it. Repeat with fresh towels until no more liquid comes up, then use an appropriate stain remover. A handheld wet and dry vacuum like the Rapido Wet & Dry is handy for sucking up liquid from localized spills, saving you lots of time – and paper towels.

The Ergorapido BRC is made for easy cleaning with its grab and go design and lithium ion battery, which ensures longer operating times.

Use your kitchen as the central hub for clean-up activity. Dump all the trash, dirty plates, cups and napkins there first. This will help save time and make it  easier to sort through and clean all the items later.

When all the trash has been cleared, run through the rooms with a vacuum cleaner. A stick vacuum like the Ergorapido BRC makes the sweep up quick and easy, as its grab and go design makes for easy handling, whether on hardwood or carpeted floors.

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