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Tips for giving your kids a New Year’s party to remember


Celebrating the holiday season can be fun and fulfilling, but it can also start to get tiring with energetic young kids raring to welcome another year in their lives. Even if Christmas celebrations have taken most of the wind out of your sails, it’s not out of the question to still throw a nice family party for yourself and your kids. Here are some adaptations on New Year’s traditions for family-friendly celebrations.


Keep things simple

There’s no need to throw a big party for your children and their entire school class. Save on the frantic cleaning and shopping for party favours by opting for a more intimate party with your kids. Plan to watch the countdown together, or play some simple games together  like Monopoly.  Putting together a time capsule with special or memorable items they’ve come across through the year is another fun way to get their creative juices going.

The EOT3000’s pizza stone accessory allows you to make a crisp pizza crust in the toaster.

You can also indulge your kids with popular childrens’ food like pizza, chips and popcorn. All three can be made at home with healthy and delicious ingredients. If it’s just yourself and your kids, a simple toaster and microwave like the Electrolux EOT3000 and Electrolux EMS3067X respectively will suffice to make treats for your kids. The toaster comes with a handy pizza stone designed for quick preparation of crisp pizzas, while the microwave  can be used for quick preparation of snacks like popcorn and hot chocolate.


Get creative with the bubbly

While the adults have a sip of bubbly at the stroke of midnight, your kids can also enjoy a fizzy fruity beverage to welcome in the New Year.

Photo by Tina Philips
You can make your kids a child-friendly bubbly by adding fruit juice to carbonated water.

All you need is a juice extractor like the Electrolux EJE3000 that allows you to drop whole fruits in so you don’t even have to chop or slice them beforehand.  Once they’ve selected their favourite fruits for juicing, simply add sparkling water or ginger ale to the mix.   it’s so easy, you can involve your kids and let them whip up  their very own bubbly.

Simply add one part of pure fruit juice to one part carbonated water, and you’ll have a kid-friendly drink for midnight.


Make time relative

If you have young children who may not be able to stay awake till midnight, remember that time is relative. Or, time is what they see on the clock. Try changing the time on the clocks in the house so “midnight” hits earlier, around their bed time. Your kids will still feel like they’ve welcomed the New Year and be able to go to bed at a decent hour – and so can you.

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