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Welcome the New Year with stain-free clothes


If it’s the morning after your Christmas party and you’ve woken up to stained clothing from last night’s meal, fret not. Here’s a quick guide to common holiday stains and how to launder them with the Electrolux Vapour Time Manager range of washing machines.



It’s hard to avoid the odd spot of gravy on your shirt if you enjoy drenching your cut of turkey or mashed potatoes in it at Christmas dinner. If you have a gravy stain, act immediately. Quickly wipe it and pre-treat the area with a spot removal agent. Soak it in the washer with enzyme detergent and fabric-safe bleach. Then wash it in the hottest water available.

The Vapour Time Manager range of washing machines can get any stain out of your clothes with a range of customisable wash temperatures and cycles for different fabrics.

The Vapour Time Manager range of washers allow you to customise your wash times and cycles, so you can use a soaking programme on the machine, then delay the next wash cycle until you’re done soaking the fabric. This range of front-load washers can also wash clothes in temperatures up to 90oC, and throw in a hot vapour cycle to boot, ensuring that your clothes come out fresh, sterilised and stain-free.



There’s no telling what type of grease you might get on your clothes. Butter, turkey fat and olive oil are just some examples of grease you might come across at the dinner table. To slide the grease right off your clothes, immediately cover it with an absorbent material and press down to draw out the stain.  Pre-treat the stained fabric with spot remover or dish soap. If needed, use an oil solvent before flushing it with water. Then wash it in the hottest temperature allowed.



For red wines, if the item is made of delicate cloth, soak the spot with ethanol, then flush with white vinegar. For sturdier clothing like coats, cover the stain with salt and leave it for five minutes to absorb the wine.  Stretch the spot over a bowl or the sink and secure it. Carefully pour boiling water over the stain from a height of at least a foot.

A handheld wet and dry vacuum like the Rapido Wet & Dry is handy for getting rid of moisture from localised spills. 

If the red wine has also gotten onto the carpet, blot it, then add a bit of water. Mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water to form a paste, and use it to cover the stain. Allow it to dry and vacuum off. A handheld wet and dry vacuum like the Rapido Wet & Dry is great for sucking up moisture from wet spills on both hardwood floors and carpets.

For white wine drinkers, the process is a lot easier. Simply pour cold water onto the stain and blot it off.



So you’ve had a little accident with the after-dinner cuppa. Fret not. Blot away the stain with paper towels, then add 1 teaspoon of laundry soap to a bowl of hot water and blot the mixture on with a sponge. Use a gentle wash cycle with warm water, detergent and a capful of bleach for whites. The Vapour Time Manager is able to achieve both hot and cold washes with temperatures of 40oC, and has a delicate wash cycle able to automate the washing of the most fragile of fabrics like silk and wool.

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