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Quick tips for better kitchen Feng Shui


Thinking of a do-over for your kitchen in 2013? The ancient art of Feng Shui might come in handy in planning for a new living environment. The principles of Feng Shui have affected the designs of many Asian homes. Many believe it bestows the benefits of better luck, health and wealth, while others simply find that utilising a basic knowledge of Feng Shui provides a positive psychological boost.

Being the place where food is prepared, the kitchen is said to symbolise both personal and financial well-being. Here are some basic tips for improving its Feng Shui.

Get the right appliances in the right location

The stainless steel look of the e:line kitchen collection are a perfect complement for both contrasting colours or subtle accents in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a place where the conflicting elements of fire and water must co-exist, so care must be taken to position your stove, sink and refrigerators such that they are not located directly opposite or right next to each other.  It is fortunate then, that this coincides with the classic kitchen triangle, which places these three essential appliances in a triangular layout which minimises movement between them while cooking.

Be sure to choose colours and elements that blend well and feel good together. Light colours like white and yellow are good choices, as they make the room appear lighter. Stronger colours can come in through accents and appliances. But don’t discount the use of striking colours like black, which can be used to introduce the water element into the area if needed.

To this end, kitchen ranges like Electrolux’s stainless steel e:line range can blend seamlessly with most colours, while the striking Ebony range can provide a strong contrast for brightly coloured rooms.


Keep the edges hidden

Appliances with strong colours – such as induction hobs – can be introduced into light-coloured kitchens for a more striking look.

Angular shapes and sharp edges can contribute to an uneasy or negative energy in the kitchen space, as they have the potential to cause physical harm. This includes the knives in your kitchen, so do try to keep them out of sight – not to mention out of reach from children – in knife blocks, holders or drawers.

Whenever possible, try to introduce rounded shapes, which usually come in the form of pots and pans. They can also be made of reflective, shiny stainless steel, which creates excellent Feng Shui .

Built-in induction cooking hobs like the Electrolux EHET66CS, with its smooth ceramic glass surface, circular Hi-Light cooking zones and intuitive, precise heat control helps to minimise the presence of edges while making the stove a safer appliance for your family’s use.

Declutter and make space

Open spaces filled with natural light allow positive energy into the area. As such, try not to clutter your kitchen space with too many appliances, and clean out the cupboards, pantry and refrigerator regularly.  Not doing so could trap stagnant energy in the kitchen, which is not good for both yourself and your food.

If you’re short on space, try some common interior decorating tips to create the appearance of space, such as open display shelving. Mirrors are also a common solution in Feng Shui to visually expand the space and allow more light into it.

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