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The quick guide to better living in 2013


It’s the dawn of the New Year and for many, the start of new resolutions to stick by. Some of the more common ones typically involve ways to be healthier, whether it’s eating less or exercising more.  Other staples include being smarter with one’s finances and more environmentally conscious. 

To make your resolutions stick this year, try making small changes gradually.  This way, they  aren’t necessarily  unpleasant – and can even be enjoyable  over time.

Here are some tips for better living in 2013: .

Substitute, not reduce culinary pleasures

Sometimes, it’s not about how much you eat as what’s in your food. Use healthy substitutes that reduce calories without compromising on flavour. For example,  use a juicer like the Electrolux EJE3000 Juice Extractor, which is designed to juice whole fruits quickly, to make your own fruit juice instead of drinking sugar-laden commercial juices. Add the fruit juice to carbonated water for a healthier alternative to fructose-heavy sodas.


Photo by: Akeeris
Adding fruit juice to sparkling or carbonated water creates a great tasting and healthier soda.

Or the trick might lie in technology. Take advantage of versatile appliances like the Electrolux EOK96030X steam combination oven to cook your favourite meals without the use of oil. The oven’s low temperature cooking function can cook steaks and other meats to a perfect doneness, while the grill and convection functions will brown or crisp any dish. True to its name, the oven can also prepare healthy sides like steamed vegetables and potatoes.


Live sustainably – and more affordably

Save the earth and save on your utility bills. Relook at how you use your appliances. Using lower temperature washes or Eco programmes with washing machines like the Electrolux Time Manager can help cut down on your utility bill. The washing machine’s programmes, temperatures and wash times can be customised to your laundry load, so you don’t use more water or energy than is necessary.

Similarly, using the right dryer, like the Electrolux EDH97981W heat pump dryer, can offer up to a 50% reduction in energy used to dry your clothes. Other appliances in Electrolux’s Eco Range, such as the Ultrasilencer Green and the Electrolux EBE4300SC refrigerator, are designed to deliver best in class energy efficiency.


Work everyday chores into your fitness routine 

Doing housework can help burn calories, and with the right appliances like the Ergorapido 2-in-1, getting started has never been easier.

Doing household chores can burn up to 50,000 calories a year, while all the stretching, bending and cleaning motions might do wonders for toning your limbs – all without that long trudge to the gym. Easily manoeuvrable appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido BRC and UltraActive vacuums are designed for better handling and easy storage, which makes housework less of a dreaded chore and a more convenient experience.

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