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Set your appliances up right for a seamless move


Moving to a new home can be a huge undertaking, not the least of which are the logistics of moving large pieces of furniture and appliances.  The latter requires particular care, as their bulky size hides many delicate electrical components.

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Proper preparation and re-packaging can make your house moving a much easier process, even with major appliances.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take them with you.  With a bit of care, large appliances can make the move to a new house quite seamlessly.  

Here are some tips for preparing three major appliances for the big move.

Cooking stoves

Clean the stove thoroughly, inside and out, and remove or secure any loose racks.  For gas stoves, do ensure that the gas is turned off before disconnecting the line.  If you do not have any expertise in handling gas stoves, be sure to call in a trained expert to help.

Freestanding cookers like the Electrolux EKG9656X are designed to be mobile and easier to install in new homes. To prepare it for transport, tape down the upper parts of the cooker i.e. the trivets, burners and any movable parts to the cooking panels.  Designed with a safety cover that kills any flames, the cooker lid can also be taped down over the burners during the move for extra protection.  Just place a large piece of paper between the cover and cooking panel first.

For cookers that come with an oven, tape a piece of cardboard to the inside of the oven door to prevent the trays and wiregrills from damaging the glass during transport.  Then tape down the closed oven door, making sure that the tape extends to the sides of the cooker as well.


The EQE6307SA is designed with discreet rollers and handles that allow you to handle and move it more easily to a new location.

Unplug the refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving it. Dispose of any perishables within. When the freezer has defrosted, clean and dry all surfaces and removable containers.  Either remove all racks or secure them to prevent them from shifting during the move.

Secure the plug and cord to the back of the fridge with tape. The doors and any lids both inside and outside should also be taped shut.

To maximise space in the moving vehicle, you can also pack lightweight items like blankets, pillows or cushions in the empty cavity, just wrap them in a big plastic or garbage bag first. The Electrolux EQE6307SA makes transportation easy with rollers for moving the fridge over distances. The fridge has also been designed with holding devices on the rear and bottom of the fridge for better handling.

Washing Machines

Due to the number of moving parts and use of water hoses, washing machines can require special care and handling.  Front load washers like the Electrolux EWF10831 come with transit bolts and packing that help to secure vital components like the washing drum.  It is recommended that you retain them after installation for future moves, although do remember to unscrew them after they’ve arrived at their designated space. 

For the hoses used with the machine, pack them separately in a box and fill them with cushioning objects such as pillows, towels or packing peanuts.

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