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The art of double-boiling at home


Double-boiling is a cooking technique popular in both hemispheres of the world for different types of food. 

This cooking method involves placing a bowl of food over a pot of boiling or simmering water. It is important to note that the bowl containing the food must not be submerged in the water – it is cooked by the steam coming off the boiling liquid below. This makes the heat source gentle and indirect, reducing the risk of scorching or burning.

In western cooking, this method is used to apply gentle heat to delicate sauces such as melted chocolate or hollandaise sauce.  An induction hob like the Electrolux EHET66CS with its electronic LED control display and precise heat controls however, could also be up to the task.  Such electric-powered hobs are great at maintaining a consistent and steady temperature for delicate sauces and foods.

In Asian cooking, double boiling is most often used to prepare soups with delicate ingredients such as birds’ nest.  It is also often used with ingredients that are believed to have great nutritional value such as Chinese herbs.  The reason lies in the cooking process as there is no loss of liquid or moisture from the food being cooked and hence, no nutrients are lost.

You don’t actually need to invest in a specialised utensil to double-boil food or sauces. A heat-proof bowl over a pot of hot water is a handy option. Just be sure that the support for the bowl is stable.  Make sure to cover the pot tightly as this will minimise the amount of steam escaping from it.

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Asian soups are double-boiled as the cooking method is believed to preserve more nutrients in the dish.

For Chinese soups, a special ceramic jar known as a double-boil jar is sometimes used. This jar is believed to aid the cooking process by “locking in” the nutrients and flavour of the soup, as the cover seals off the top opening so steam cannot escape.

Double-boiling soups can be a long cooking process. The average cooking time for double-boiled soups can range from two to four hours. Similar to cooking with ovens, leave the soup to boil without lifting the cover constantly to check on it.  This brings down the temperature in the double-boiler and affects the cooking process. Just ensure that the outer pot has enough water for boiling before you begin, so you don’t have to worry about it evaporating entirely.

 The Brio hob’s Aerated Penta Jet technology reduces boiling times for soups by up to a third.
The Electrolux Brio hob is a great cooking companion as its Aerated Penta Jet technology ensures optimum fuel efficiency and helps reduce boiling times by a third.  You and your family can now enjoy more nutritious meals with less time and effort!

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