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Four calorie-laden Asian desserts to avoid

Asia can be a great place for indulging a sweet tooth, with every country offering a great variety of traditional desserts. For some of them, however, their tastiness is matched by their high calorie count. Here are some of the worst offenders, and how to reduce their impact on your waistline.

Shelve bad fridge habits with these organisation tips

The refrigerator is one appliance that’s a staple in any modern home, especially for those who cook frequently and rely on fresh produce. So proper organisation and storage is essential in ensuring a stress-free cooking experience.

Delicious Asian coffee mixes with unlikely ingredients

There’s more than one way to brew up a delicious cuppa in the morning. While most people go with milk and sugar, others have found other delectable ways to enjoy a great cup of java. Here are some unique ways people in Asia enjoy their coffee.

Travelling tips for your clothes

Restrictions on luggage size and weight are the bane of any traveller on a long trip. In addition to limiting the amount of clothes you can take with you, cramming fabrics into a small space results in creases and wrinkles being formed in clothes.

Here are some common tactics that can be used to ensure the optimal condition of your fabrics upon arrival.

Chill right for better food safety

Food safety doesn’t begin or end with the preparation process. Storage before and after a meal plays an equally important part in keeping food clean and safe for human consumption. Modern refrigerators designed with multiple compartments for different foods like the Electrolux EQE6307SA and ESE5687SB are especially suited to keeping ingredients fresh and reducing the risk of contamination. We look at how you can utilise various storage features for better food safety.

Light up your taste buds with these super spicy foods

Forget the nuanced or subtle flavours of delicate dishes. For some people, nothing less than gut-wrenching, mouth-on-fire experience will do when the craving for capsaicin strikes. Here are five dishes from Asia that will leave most people with tear-streaked faces and numb tongues.

Simple rescues for common laundry disasters

We’ve all done it at some point. Wrecked a perfectly good white shirt with a missed red sock in the wash, or left some tissue in the pocket of a pair of pants. But human ingenuity over the years has come up with some surprisingly simple solutions to unpleasant laundry surprises. Here are a few easy rescues for common laundry disasters.

Sweet and sticky endings to the Lunar New Year

The official public holidays for the Lunar New Year may only be for a few days, the but traditional celebrations will go on for a while yet.

DIY a last minute Valentine’s celebration

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you don’t have a plan in place for that special someone. Fear not, for it doesn’t take much to put together a romantic night at home. And better yet, it doesn’t involve burning a hole in your bank account. Here are some ideas for putting together a last minute Valentine’s Day celebration.

Show your love with these three Asian customs

Love is a beautiful thing no matter where or when it happens, and every country has developed its own traditions to celebrate love over the centuries. The most famous is Valentine’s Day on 14 February, where gifts of flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys are exchanged to express love for one another.