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DIY a last minute Valentine’s celebration


Valentine’s Day is coming, and you don’t have a plan in place for that special someone.  Fear not, for it doesn’t take much to put together a romantic night at home. And better yet, it doesn’t involve burning a hole in your bank account. Here are some ideas for putting together a last minute Valentine’s Day celebration.

Setting the right mood

Fancy restaurants with Valentine’s Day menus can be both pricey and over-rated. It’s much easier – and affordable – to set up your own cozy dining experience for two at home with a nice tablecloth over the dining table, candles, and your favorite music playing in the background.

Little touches such as a single stemmed rose with a hand-written note on the place settings, or an elegant candle holder and dimmed lights can make all the difference in setting the mood for love.

And don’t discount the temperature of the room in setting the tone for the evening. Studies have found that environmental conditions like heat and humidity can affect a person’s moods. High humidity has been found to lower concentration and increase feelings of drowsiness. While warm weather can have a positive effect on a person’s moods, hot weather or high temperatures can have the reverse effect.

If you have an air conditioner at home, do consider using it to set a pleasant temperature and humidity level. Models like the Electrolux ESM12CRA-PA even come with HEPA filters and Vitamin C technology that releases vitamin C into the air, making the home a healthier and more romantic place to be.

Whipping up the meal

Photo by toprackmarina
A well laid out cheese platter is easy to do for a quick but romantic starter to a meal.

A romantic meal doesn’t need to be an elaborate one. Start with a cheese platter accompanied by a bottle of wine.  This can be followed by a meal with simple foods that encourage romance, such as aphrodisiacs like oysters, hummus or theme foods like heart-shaped pasta. The Electrolux ESE5688SA has a deli compartment that is designed to hold delicate foods like cheeses, and has a built-in wine rack that helps to keep wines in optimal conditions for celebrating that special occasion.

Photo by jeongie
Chocolate fondues make a great DIY dessert for any Valentine’s Day meal.

To end the meal, a warm chocolate fondue on a portable induction cooker like the Electrolux EIH600 makes a simple but beloved DIY dessert for two.

Relaxing spa-style

A hot shower can be a welcome relief at the end of a busy day, with the heated water helping to relax sore muscles and cleaning off dirt from the day’s activities. The Electrolux Allure instant water heater’s precise LED controls can help set the right temperature to give you and your significant other a soothing and refreshing shower experience together. Throw in a foot or back massage for a fun treat to end a romantic evening.

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