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Delicious Asian coffee mixes with unlikely ingredients


There’s more than one way to brew up a delicious cuppa in the morning. While most people go with milk and sugar, others have found other delectable ways to enjoy a great cup of java. Here are some unique ways people in Asia enjoy their coffee. 
Kah-Feh Yen (Thailand)

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The use of ice, cardamom and sugar makes Kah-Feh Yen a refreshing treat for those with a sweet tooth. 

This iced coffee from Thailand may look like a regular coffee with lots of milk and sugar, but give it a taste and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The addition of cardamom and other spices in Kah-Feh Yen gives it a taste more akin to a sweet dessert than a coffee drink. And it’s not hard to replicate at home with some cardamom powder and condensed milk.

Simply brew up a pot of coffee and pour it into a carafe for storage. Mix in spices like cardamom and cinnamon to taste with condensed milk and store it in the fridge overnight for a cool, sweet and refreshing drink in the morning. Using a coffee maker like the Electrolux ECM3130 makes brewing an aromatic coffee a breeze, with an anti-drip valve, non-stick warming plate and detachable filter basket that makes it easy to clean up once the coffee is done.

Cà Phê Trú’ng (Vietnam) 

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Cà Phê Trú’ng is made with eggs to turn the drink into a rich, creamy cup of coffee, akin to drinking tiramisu.

Most people have their eggs on a plate. In Vietnam, you can have it in your coffee. While it may sound odd, the resulting mixture has been described as similar to drinking tiramisu or a sweet custard with hints of coffee.

The key is to whisk an egg yolk or egg white with condensed milk or sugar until it takes on a fluffy, frothy texture, then adding it on top of a cup of brewed coffee. An alternative method involves simply mixing the egg yolk or white into the coffee with the condensed milk and whisking everything together.

Using a hand mixer like the Electrolux EHM2000 can make whisking the egg and condensed milk together an effortless affair with better, fluffier results. If you don’t have a Vietnamese coffee pot on hand, an espresso maker like the Electrolux EES200 can also be used make a deep, rich shot of coffee.

Kopi Halia (Malaysia & Singapore)
A drink enjoyed primarily in Malaysia and Singapore, Kopi Halia entails the addition of ginger juice to a cup of coffee with condensed milk and sugar. The result is a spicy, warm drink that’s perfect for chilly or rainy days. Simply boil some ginger in water, and use the resulting ginger juice in the coffee with condensed milk.

Yuan Yang (Hong Kong)
Yuan Yang entails the mixture of three parts coffee to seven parts milk tea, although some prefer mixing them in equal proportions. Simply prepare a pot of coffee from a drip brew coffee maker like the Electrolux ECM3130 and mix it in with tea that has had condensed milk stirred in. The key is not to have two overly strong drinks clashing with one another, but to have the taste of one drink with subtle, complementary hints of the other.

Depending on your preferences, you can either mix a cup of milk tea with hints of coffee flavour, or a cup of coffee with a touch of tea flavor in it. Like its name implies, the secret to this drink is in the balance of its elements.

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