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Shelve bad fridge habits with these organisation tips


The refrigerator is one appliance that’s a staple in any modern home, especially for those who cook frequently and rely on fresh produce. So proper organisation and storage is essential in ensuring a stress-free cooking experience. 

This is why most Electrolux refrigerators like the Electrolux EBM4307SC-RT and EQE6307SA Quattro come with flexible shelving and other storage features to help you stay organised. Here are some tips for ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of your food.

Take inventory
If your fridge is crammed to the brim with leftovers, old condiments and possibly expired foods, start by taking inventory of your items. Discard items that have either passed their use-by dates or those that you are unlikely to use before they expire.

Get organised – and organisers

Electrolux refrigerators are designed to maximise the use of space with flexible storage options.
With refrigerators that have flexible shelving like the Electrolux EBM4307SC-RT, set your shelves and drawers according to the amount of groceries you usually store in the fridge, and the space they should take up. Since many people tend to buy the same brands with the same packaging, this will make it easier to store your food items.

Create spaces for similar foods to be stored together in one place. This makes it easier to access the type of item you want. If your fridge doesn’t have enough drawers, get and use long, narrow plastic bins to store smaller items that need to be separated, such as cheeses. The Electrolux EBM4307SC-RT comes with clear storage baskets that make it easy to see what you’ve put in them.

For those who like buying beverages such as juices or milk in bulk, you can look into buying tall carafes or water bottles that maximise the use of vertical space. This will also let you store more items in the fridge.

It may also help to get rectangular plastic containers which can stack for storing food in the fridge. Round containers may not stack or fit well when placed side-by-side, resulting in wasted space.

Placement and labelling


The EQE6307SA comes with built-in organisers like adjustable shelves and drawers to help organise different types of items in the fridge.

In earmarking the spaces for storage, think about how the food items stored there should be used. For example, leftovers and snacks should be best kept at eye level. This way, they are more likely to be seen – and eaten. Try to keep them in a smaller space that reduces the temptation to stack other items on top of them.

Items that come in jars or bottles are usually better kept on the refrigerator door. The Electrolux EQE6307SA Quattro is designed with an extra-wide door bin that can easily accommodate 3-litre bottles or two rows of smaller bottles. If you have too many condiments for your fridge door, store them towards the back of the fridge shelf with the least vertical height.

Vegetables are best kept in a crisper drawer. Electrolux fridges with such drawers also feature humidity control that help to ensure produce remains garden fresh. Cold cuts are best kept in Deli compartments like those found in the Electrolux EQE6307SA Quattro, so that they are separated from the other meats.

Clean regularly
Do clean out your fridge before you do your regular grocery shopping. This ensures that you keep track of what you have, and helps create a more accurate shopping list. It’ll also make it easier to put new purchases in later.

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