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Easter brunch the easy way

One of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar, Eastertide or Easter season lasts for 50 days from the day of Easter. The Sunday after each Easter is celebrated as a Sunday of Easter until the 50 days are up.

Feasting at Easter – more than just eggs

Easter is among the most important Christian festivals in the calendar. As with many traditional festivals, culinary treats have also developed over time to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. Here are some favourite foods commonly consumed at Easter around the world.

Spice up your snacking with these healthy dips

A healthy snack doesn’t always mean that you have to give up on taste. If that sweet potato chip or taro chip isn’t quite doing it for your taste buds, don’t turn back to fat and sodium-laden commercial snacks just yet.

Steam iron your way to wrinkle-free clothing

Steam irons can be a boon for people who hate ironing. The use of steam takes some of the work out of this chore by opening the weave of the fabric and making it easier to iron out wrinkles and creases.

The healthy eating guide for you and the planet

The emission of greenhouse gases is probably the last thing on our minds when we eat our meals. Unfortunately, as with everything we consume, the production of food does contribute towards our carbon footprint and has an impact on the earth. While we can’t stop eating, we can choose to do so in more eco-friendly ways.

Techniques for a more restful bedtime

Getting a full night’s sleep isn’t just beneficial to our energy levels the next day. Poor snoozing habits can lead to long term effects on health, mood and productivity. Here are some methods for getting better quality sleep.

Baking quick and tasty snacks in a microwave

When it comes to creating quick and tasty foods, don’t discount using the microwave oven. This much maligned appliance has rarely been associated with the creation of great dishes, but that can change with a bit of creativity and knowhow. Here are some ideas for deliciously easy snacks you can bake using just a microwave like the Electrolux EMS3067X, whose five power settings can easily bake or cook any of the recipes below.

The quick guide to brewing tea

A gently steaming cup of aromatic tea can be one of the most soothing drinks you can have in a busy day. Ironically, it is most likely to be prepared by hurriedly dunking a tea bag in a cup of boiling hot water.

Four nutrition myths that we can stop swallowing

You’ve probably heard it multiple times growing up. Don’t eat too many eggs in a day, coffee is bad and eliminate as much fat from our diets as possible. But just because it’s common knowledge doesn’t mean it’s absolutely true. Here are four types of food that have been given a bad rep.

Everyday factors that can affect our moods

The mind may triumph over matter, but it couldn’t hurt to make it less of a fight. Things that we encounter everyday could be having an effect on our moods without us realising it. Here are some common environmental factors that may have a say in whether you have a good day.