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Feasting at Easter – more than just eggs


Easter is among the most important Christian festivals in the calendar. As with many traditional festivals, culinary treats have also developed over time to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. Here are some favourite foods commonly consumed at Easter around the world. 

Hot Cross Buns
An Easter favourite, hot cross buns are a spiced sweet bun made with raisins. It derives its name from the distinctive cross “painted” across the top of the bun. This decoration is usually made with a flour paste, but frosting can also be used after the baking process for a sweeter topping.

Photo by Clare Bloomfield
Hot cross buns are usually made with currants or raisins and eaten toasted.

These buns are eaten hot or toasted on Good Friday, with the cross symbolizing the Cruxifiction. According to custom, sharing a hot cross bun with a friend is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the year.

Enjoy your hot cross buns on Easter with the Electrolux ETS3200 Toaster Easy Sense. This toaster’s integrated bunwarmer can warm up all kinds of breads and buns to a crisp, making toasting hot cross buns a quick, easy and fun experience.

Pretzels are a popular German baked snack made from dough, and can come in hard or soft varieties. It is usually recognized by its shape, made from a long strip of dough intertwined and twisted back on itself in a unique “pretzel loop”. This distinctive shape is said to resemble the torso of a person with his arms folded in prayer.

Photo by Grant Cochrane
The shape of pretzels are said to resemble a person with his arms folded in prayer.  

Easter traditions involving pretzels include a pretzel hunt that resembles the modern event involving Easter eggs. In some countries, pretzels are given to friends and family for good luck, while a Lent custom in Luxembourg sees boys giving their girlfriends pretzels. The size of the pretzel indicates how much he likes her. In return, the girl will give him a decorated egg on Easter.

Pretzels are a versatile food that can come in sweet or savoury varieties, whether it’s from the ingredients baked into it, its topping or accompanying dip. Whatever your preference, you can bake them in the Electrolux EOB305X oven for better results, with its convection fan bake function ensuring evenly baked pretzels no matter where they are placed. This large-capacity oven has three levels of racks so you can place the pretzel closer or further from the heating elements in the oven, depending on whether you like yours soft or with a crunch.

Roast Lamb
Lamb has a special significance at Easter due to its associations with Jesus, who is referred to as a shepherd in the bible, and as the “Lamb of God”. At Easter, the lamb is a symbol and reminder of his self-sacrifice. This symbolism is so strong that in some European countries, the lamb need not literally be a roast, but can take the form of a cake or a lamb-shaped block of butter.

The roast lamb dinner is still the most common, however, and like turkey, there are a myriad of preparation methods that have been cooked up over the years. No matter how you choose to cook it, the Electrolux Inspiro Intelligent Oven can easily help you roast the lamb to an optimum doneness with its built-in sensors that can automatically set the best temperatures and cooking time for your meat.

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