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Steam iron your way to wrinkle-free clothing


Steam irons can be a boon for people who hate ironing. The use of steam takes some of the work out of this chore by opening the weave of the fabric and making it easier to iron out wrinkles and creases.

The Electrolux 5Safety steam iron comes with an extra-large water tank that can deliver concentrated shots of steam to get stubborn wrinkles out of clothing.

The steam iron is continually evolving, with appliance makers improving on its handling and performance. The latest range of 5Safety Line steam irons by Electrolux is designed with an extra-large 400ml water tank; as well as 605 steam holes that ensure finer steaming of fabrics. But there’re always more ways to get better ironing out of your steam iron. Here’s how.

Use suitable water

When filling up your steam iron’s water tank, try to use water with as little mineral content and impurities as possible. This is because these particles in the water can cause the buildup of limescale and other mineral deposits on the iron, affecting its performance and possibly damaging it.

The AquaSense water filtration jug uses 3M filtration technology to remove impurities like limescale and heavy metals from tap water.  

If you live in an area with hard water, try using distilled water or filtered water in your steam iron. The Electrolux AquaSense water filter jug can help with its 3M filtration technology that removes impurities like heavy metals and limescale.

Get a good ironing board

Steam irons paired with a mesh ironing board can produce better results, especially if you do a lot of ironing in one go. Typical ironing boards that are solid tend to prevent heat from circulating and holds onto the moisture generated by steam irons, which can leave clothes damp. A mesh ironing board lets the heat and steam penetrate your clothes, making it easier to get the wrinkles out.

Know your materials

Delicate fabrics like silk and velvet may be damaged by direct contact with the hot iron. You can hold the iron slightly above the garment instead of pressing down, or place a thick, damp cotton hankerchief over the piece of clothing and iron over it. 

For deep wrinkles in hardier fabrics like cotton, most steam irons have a spray function which sends a small blast of steam from the iron. You can use this function to relax stubborn creases.

To help with ironing delicate materials, the Electrolux ESI700 5Safety Line Steam iron comes with a Resilium soleplate that is highly scratch resistant, and reduces the risk of damaging your clothes. It can also release a 150g shot of steam whenever you need to get particularly difficult creases and wrinkles out.

Clean the iron regularly

The soleplates of steam irons can get clogged with mineral deposits and lint over time. This makes it harder to iron clothes, and may even stain them.

Make it a point to clean your iron’s soleplate regularly with a damp cloth when the iron has cooled down. If the reservoir and vents are clogged with mineral deposits, pour a solution equal parts white vinegar and distilled water into the tank. Turn the iron onto a high heat setting, then leave it to steam until all the solution has evaporated out the iron. Repeat the process with just water.

To make cleaning easier, the Electrolux ESI700 comes with a self-clean function that clears lime residues from the steam vents in the soleplate, as well as a built-in anti-calcium cartridge that reduces the formation of limescale in the iron.


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