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Easter brunch the easy way


One of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar, Eastertide or Easter season lasts for 50 days from the day of Easter. The Sunday after each Easter is celebrated as a Sunday of Easter until the 50 days are up. 

During the season, an Easter brunch can be a great opportunity to host a get-together for family and friends to celebrate the season. Here are some quick and easy Easter brunch dishes that can be pre-made in the early morning or the night before.


Stuffed French toast

Photo by viciousvonda
Add a delicious twist to your French toast with fruit, nuts and cream cheese for a main dish at brunch.

Appealing to both the eyes and taste buds, French toast is a popular brunch dish that can be made a few hours ahead, or even the night before. Juicy fruits, nuts and creamy cheese at the center of a French toast sandwich can help make it a complete meal.  

As these recipes illustrate, the syrup and egg mixture in French toast can be made quickly the day before. The bread is then “marinated” overnight or for a few hours before being baked or pan-fried. The quality of the bread is key to coaxing the right flavour and texture out of this dish, so if you can’t find the right loaf at the store, consider a bread maker like the Electrolux EBM8000. This bread maker offers highly customisable options, so you can get bread just the way you like it, from crispy crusts to fluffier, softer loaves.

The bread maker also offers a 12-hour delay timer, so you can set it to bake later at night and wake up to the smell of freshly made bread in the morning.



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Steamy eggs chock full of vegetables, meat and even pasta, Frittata is a surprisingly simple and popular brunch dish.

This popular hearty, egg-based dish can appear complicated to cook, but in actuality can be very simple to prepare. It’s also extremely versatile as it goes with just about everything – frittatas have been stuffed with vegetables, meat and pasta.  

These simple recipes show that you can make a quick yet delicious frittata in less than 30 minutes, or even prepare the mix the night before for baking the next day. A fridge like the Electrolux ETB2900/3200PC with a multi-airflow system helps to ensure that the ingredients in the frittata remain fresh until the dish is ready to be baked.

Glazed ham

With a nice cut of bone-in ham from the store, you can make a glazed ham for an easy main dish at Easter brunch. Simply cut off any tough skin from the ham, score a crosshatch pattern into the outer layer of fat and put it fat side up in a large roasting pan and bake at 180 oC until the thickest part of the meat reaches 50oC.

Meanwhile, make a glaze. You can choose from a variety of glazes to suit your preferences. Glaze is usually made with brown sugar, whisked with ingredients like honey, ginger or orange juice until smooth. This glaze is then brushed over the ham and used to baste it at regular intervals. Using an intelligent oven like the Electrolux EOC69400X with its heat sensors can help to ensure the ham is optimally baked and does not dry out.

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