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The quick guide to the perfect vacuum for you


Searching for the right vacuum can be like searching for a significant other. There are a myriad of models which you can get, but finding the right one for your needs can be a confusing process.  Rest assured that like the love of your life, there’s one out there that will meet your needs.  Here’s a quick guide to finding the perfect vacuum to pair with your home or lifestyle.

For compact homes

For owners of compact living spaces such as small apartments or dorm rooms, a compact vacuum cleaner that is easy to put away helps to save on storage space. Look for those with versatile parking clips, which not only help to secure the nozzle to the vacuum, it allows the vacuum to be stored in different positions and makes storage easier. 

The compact MobiOne is built for easy handling and storage – ideal for small homes and apartments.

Try the: MobiOne, Dynamica

The MobiOne is designed for compact storage while delivering the performance of a full-sized vacuum.  A corded stick vacuum like the Dynamica, is another space-saving alternative, as its slim, upright design makes it easy to stash in convenient places, such as behind doors or furniture.

For large homes

If you own a large home with lots of open areas to clean, consider vacuums with extra-long cords so you don’t have to keep changing sockets as you move about the house. Also look at the vacuum’s dust pick-up, handling and manoeuvrability. These three features will make cleaning more efficient and less of a chore.

The Ultra series of vacuums all have an extra-long reach, reducing the need to change power outlets in order to clean large areas. 

Try the: Ultra Series

The Ultra series of vacuums – the UltraSilencer, UltraOne and UltraActive – all come with extra-long cords that give them a massive cleaning reach of 12 metres. All feature ergonomic handles with manoeuvrable nozzles which ease the strain on your wrist, as well as multi-directional wheels which make it easier to vacuum around corners.

For pet owners

Pet hair can be a major pain to get rid of, especially in homes with carpet floors. Choose vacuum cleaners with motorised nozzles, as those are the best choice for deep down carpet cleaning and for removing embedded hair from fuzzy surfaces. The vacuum should also be easy to clean, as hair can get entangled in the brush roll and reduce the appliance’s cleaning efficiency.


Try the: Ergorapido BRC, UltraOne, UltraActive

The Ergorapido BRC is designed for people who prefer quick bursts of ad hoc cleaning over having a long weekly cleaning routine. This makes it ideal for pet owners. Its one-step Brush Roll Clean technology allows owners to clear out the brush roll in seconds with one simple step on the pedals.

For deep down carpet cleaning, the UltraOne and UltraActive both come with the AeroPro Turbo motorised nozzle that makes quick work of pet hair embedded in carpets.

For those suffering from allergies

If you have people who suffer from asthma or allergies at home, be sure to pick a vacuum cleaner with an efficient, air-tight system that ensures dust particles don’t escape from it. It should also have a high-efficiency HEPA filter to trap fine particles like pollen.  When choosing such vacuums, the higher the HEPA filter grading, the better. A HEPA 10 filter screens out 85% of airborne particles measuring as small as 0.05 micrometres, while a HEPA 12 filter screens out 99.5% of such particles. HEPA 13 filters do even better, removing 99.95% of these particles from your home.


The Jetmaxx Green is equipped with a HEPA 12 filter that removes most of the allergens and other fine particles in the air

Try the: UltraOne, UltraActive, Jetmaxx Green

The UltraOne vacuum comes with a HEPA 13 filter, while the UltraActive and Jetmaxx Green vacuum cleaners are outfitted with HEPA 12 filters. These filters are washable, removing the expense and need to replace them regularly.

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