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Saving on space with DIY vacuum packing


Need more space for your summer wardrobe? Or simply looking to stuff more into a luggage case? Vacuum packing is an easy solution to pack more items into a space, and you don’t need expensive, specialized equipment to do so. 

In most cases, a powerful vacuum cleaner like the Electrolux Jetmaxx Green will suffice. It’s energy efficient as well – with a 1350W motor that operates like a vacuum with a 2100W motor.  For best results, use a sturdy plastic storage bag, grab some rubber bands, and you’re ready to shrink your items for storage with the following steps. 

1.        Fold your clothes, sheets, blankets and other items you wish to store. Put them neatly into the bag, placing them flat on the bottom so the top of the items faces straight up

Photo by:  thatkidwithayoyo

2.        Insert one end of the vacuum’s hose attachment into the bag. Hold the bag closed around the nozzle with one hand. Pull it up slowly until only a few inches of the hose attachment remains inside.

3.        Pull a rubber band over the hose attachment and bag. Secure the top of the bag tightly around the hose attachment. Bunch some the material of the bag up and around the attachment to ensure the nozzle isn’t touching any of the plastic.
4.        Turn the vacuum on. Hold the plastic away from the nozzle as the vacuum removes the air from the bag. Vacuums with a high rate of airflow like the Jetmaxx Green with airflow speeds of 180km/h, can help make the process faster. 

6.        When the bag has shrunk as much as possible, slowly release the plastic that has been bunched around the nozzle  and let the vacuum remove the remaining air from the top of the bag.

7.        Turn the vacuum off and remove the nozzle immediately. Keep the rubber band in place. Twist the band one or two more times, and add more rubber bands if necessary to seal the bag tightly.

Photos by Wikiphoto:

Extra points to note:

  • Ensure small, loose items are kept away from the hose to prevent accidental clogging of the vacuum.
  • The ‘suction’ process should be done in short bursts, try not to leave the vacuum on for a prolonged period of time.
  • If it seems that the air in the bag isn’t getting sucked out, the bag might have a hole somewhere. In this case, try again with a different bag.

Using this method, you can put away more clothes for storage or pack more in your bags for a long trip. You can also maximize your storage options by putting each item into its own, smaller bag. This way, you have several small packages which can be stashed into tight spots for even more efficient use of storage space.

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