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Reducing noise pollution at home for peaceful living


A quiet home can do wonders for our physical and mental well-being in the long term, as noise tends to impact our concentration and stress levels. Many people can however, be unaware of the amount of sound being generated in the home. But getting used to the cacophony of an active household doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect. Here are some suggestions to maintain a more peaceful home environment.

Sound-proofing materials and fixtures

If you have the luxury of choosing materials in building or renovating your house, consider using materials that can dampen or resist noise. Wood floors are better than others for this purpose; while carpets can help dampen the sounds of activity around the home.

Even if you aren’t up for a full remodel, consider sound-proofing additions like acoustic door seal kits and pasting wallpaper on the walls to further dampen sounds. The latter can also improve the aesthetic of the room. Thick curtains made of sound-absorbing materials can help to lessen noise by up to 30 percent.

Using plants is another easy way to reduce noise and create a soothing environment for the home. Putting up a row of green foliage on the balcony can help prevent noise from a busy street entering the home. 

Invest in quieter household appliances

The easiest noises to eliminate within the home are those from appliances. Keep an ear out for ones that tend to be most jarring when used and you can look into swapping them for quieter alternatives.

The quietest vacuum cleaner in the world, the Ultrasilencer allows you to hold conversation and listen to music while cleaning.

Electrolux has a range of silent appliances that can help reduce the sound of everyday activities in the home. For example, the Ultrasilencer range of vacuums – the quietest from Electrolux – emits only 68 decibels of noise in operation. This is about the same level as a normal conversation.

The Powermix silent not only makes quick work of your ingredients, but does so at a volume that allows you to continue interacting with your family and friends.

Another conversation-killing appliance, the blender, has a quiet counterpart in the Electrolux Powermix Silent, which produces 77 decibels of noise. This allows you to interact with friends and family as you make smoothies or purees. 

Electric water kettles like the Electrolux EEK3200 Easy Sense can replace noisy traditional kettles. It’s quieter than boiling water with a kettle on a cooking hob, and shuts off automatically when the water boils, making it safer to use.

Play your music

Sometimes it’s not so much about reducing noise as having the right sounds in the home. Playing soothing music, or music that helps us “get in the groove” can make relaxing at home or doing chores more enjoyable.

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